Right- and left-hemisphered orientation


Osho’s answer to, “Are there ghosts, fairies, and things like that?”

Osho in garden

There is a way to follow life through arithmetic and there is another way to follow life through dream – through dreams and visions. They are totally different.

Just the other day somebody asked, “Are there ghosts, fairies, and things like that?” Yes, there are – if you move through the right-hemisphere brain, there are. If you move through the left-hemisphere brain, there are not. All children are right-hemisphered, they see ghosts and fairies all around, but you go on talking to them and putting them in their places and saying to them, “Nonsense. You are stupid. Where is the fairy? There is nothing, just a shadow.” By and by you convince the child, the helpless child; by and by you convince him and he moves from the right-hemisphered orientation to the left-hemisphered orientation – he has to. He has to live in your world: he has to forget his dreams, he has to forget all myth, he has to forget all poetry, he has to learn mathematics. Of course he becomes efficient in mathematics – and becomes almost crippled and paralyzed in life. Existence goes on getting farther and farther away and he becomes just a commodity in the market, his whole life becomes just rubbish… although, of course, valuable in the eyes of the world.

A sannyasin is one who lives through the imagination, who lives through the dreaming quality of his mind, who lives through poetry, who poeticizes about life, who looks through visions. Then trees are greener than they look to you, then birds are more beautiful, then everything takes a luminous quality. Ordinary pebbles become diamonds; ordinary rocks are no longer ordinary – nothing is ordinary. If you look from the right hemisphere, everything becomes Divine, sacred. Religion is from the right hemisphere.

Osho, Ancient Music in the Pines, Ch 1

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