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Padma and Ashika review Anando’s book, already a No 1 new release in its category in the US on Amazon.

Osho Intimate Glimpses by AnandoOsho: Intimate Glimpses
by Anando
The Wisdom Tree Publishers
170 pages
No 1 new release in its category on Amazon USA.
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Anando’s book Osho: Intimate Glimpses is an utterly unique tour de force. She has skillfully managed to write about the inexplicable experience of being up close and very personal with Osho. Not only did she become his personal secretary in his final years, but he declared her his medium and it is easy to see why.

In recounting the mad-cap period when no country on the entire planet would offer Osho safe haven, she deftly and rather matter-of-factly invites the reader into some hair-raising scenes.

Then, without skipping a beat, her literary sleight of hand offers up laugh-out-loud moments that I found utterly delicious.

There is just so much packed into this work of the heart.

I have read it twice and fully ‘get’ why she is his perfect medium, as she speaks in the voice of you and me. The text is easy to read, unembellished, straightforward and utterly sincere.

Her aim is not to win over an audience, rather she is offering a taste, a whiff of what it was like to be Osho’s record keeper. He declared that he was writing on her heart, without words, and what is expressed through her is undoubtedly pure straight-to-the-point Osho.

The book is a well-documented diary that could only have been written by a dancer, who became a lawyer, then a gypsy-clad hippie who found herself in Pune at the Master’s feet. She became one of ‘His people’ and like so many of us, spent years traversing the obstacle course of ego, at the behest of the most outrageous enlightened Master of this age.

There will be those who nitpick her story and there will be plenty of armchair philosophising (as there always is in the ‘spiritual’ domain). I doubt Anando will bat an eye at any of that. She has been made fierce by her uncompromising devotion.

Intimate Glimpses is a love story that makes good on her resounding ‘YES’ to her beloved Master. I cannot thank her enough for actually pulling this book off, in spite of what must have been many hurdles.


I came to Pune after Osho left his body, and my knowledge of the Master was based on videos and photographs that were still being displayed in the ashram. For us newcomers, stories and recollections from his “old” disciples, were precious and much sought after.

Padma read aloud to me Anando’s book Osho: Intimate Glimpses. I listened from start to finish relaxed, with eyes closed.

Anando is not only a unique writer but an exceptional storyteller. Her recollections of the extraordinary years she spent in Osho’s presence were stunning. She answers every question presented to her with frankness and heart, which at times is overwhelmingly emotional, and at times even confronting. I suggest, that the preface should contain a heads-up alert:

Warning! Read at your own peril, this book can break your heart open!

When Padma read the last pages of Intimate Glimpses, I was left wishing for more. Since Anando seems to be an inexhaustible fountain of Osho stories, can we please have a second helping?

Ashiko and Padma

Padma is the internationally exhibited artist who is responsible for some of the artwork here on Osho News. She is also the creator and designer of the wonderful Osho Zen Tarot and the TAO Oracle. She lives with her sculptor husband Ashika, also internationally exhibited. embraceart.com

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