Pradeep – Broadcasting Osho in Texas

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A conversation about showing Osho’s videos on public broadcast stations and keeping motivated to meditate.


Episode 144
Broadcasting Osho in Texas

22 June 2021

After taking sannyas Pradeep dropped his bad habits and substance abuse to live a life filled with meditation and clarity despite the challenges that life kept throwing at him. Even though Pradeep lives in a remote place and is quite isolated, he keeps his daily meditation and connection with Osho very much alive. It is a beautiful example and inspiration for everyone on how to keep the search for inner truth alive.

Swami Satyam Pradeep started reading and loving Osho around 1980 and became a sannyasin in 1988 in Pune. He dropped out of high school in his junior year, spent a year in the army till he was kicked out and worked for 17 years in the data processing field, 6 years in the septic tank field, and the last 17 years as a gas station mechanic. Pradeep has a soul partner, Bonnie, and lives in Texas.

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