Vasant – Waking up to the true self

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Episode 145
Waking up to the true self

29 June 2021

Swami Anand Vasant met Osho in 1977 and immersed himself in the commune’s life, as part of Osho’s personal security team as well as leading groups and giving sessions. He was with Osho in all three communes, until Osho left his body. One year after that, Vasant had a deep awakening and realized his own true Self, beyond name and form. After living for years in the Himalayas, he started sharing his presence and wisdom, encouraging many hearts to awaken into a life of freedom. Vasant is now spreading the fragrance of love, meditation and celebration in his satsangs and retreats, which take place at his beautiful centres – Dharma Mountain, in Norway, and Mevlana Garden, in Brazil.

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Chetna and Swaram run the platform Love Osho and are presently travelling.

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