Head, heart and hands


An insight by Radhika – on a side effect of meditation.


It’s been happening sometimes quite recently that people tell me what a deft, clever person I am. I always reply: Well, actually I’m not. And it took me a while to see what they were perceiving and referring to. The secret is, that I simply have my head, heart and hands together. There is no deviation, they function together in unison. I can only assume that the above-mentioned people suddenly more or less consciously realised how contrarily their own minds were drifting, their hearts yearning for something else while their experienced hands were working almost in automatic ways. These people are all intelligent, caring and qualified. They have enthusiasm and many wonderful skills. But the real magic happens when the entire orchestra plays in unison.

Considering this to be only one of so many side effects of the practice of meditation, that simplest thing, is stunning. I have heard Osho speak many times in different ways about how split modern man is and about the transformational power of becoming a crystallised person. Based on insight and understanding, this process becomes almost an effortless play. To such an integrated person so-called mistakes also happen. But they serve primarily as reminders to come back to an aware and more mindful state. It‘s not about the mistake, but about the state one is in. And this state of being in itself is such a pleasure.

Once, during a summer vacation in the mountains, I went hiking deep into the woods. It was a remote area with plenty of birds and insects buzzing around the wildflowers. The trail was narrow and winding. I began wondering how long it would take to emerge from the wilderness so that I could get back home before nightfall.

No other hikers were around and there were no huts or even houses scattered along the way. Sharp bends and steep climbs had to be conquered, while only the sound of birds was breaking the silence.

After another sharp bend a stunning view met my eyes. There were two little houses, one on each side of the path, meticulously maintained, radiating a neat cleanliness, and both decorated abundantly. Each of the two small gardens was not only growing hundreds of colourful flowers, but was studded with little figures and statues of all sorts. Nobody was around. The sun was shining brightly on that scene which seemed like straight from a fairyland. And then I saw the big sign to my right. Ornate letters said: With Head, Heart and Hands.


Radhika is a writer, poet and designer.

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