Just surrender to Asheesh


“Surrender is only when even if you are right, you can give in,” explains Osho about work in the ashram.

Osho darshan 1977

Mahant, an Australian sannyasin who works in the mala shop says he has a block in his energy which shows in his work in the ashram and in his relationship – that he wants to do things that suit him and not what he is told to. He gets into a few arguments with Asheesh, too. Many beautiful things are happening but he seems to be getting concerned with this block. Osho checks his energy.

Just do a single thing: surrender to Asheesh (his work coordinator), absolutely, with no conditions: whatsoever he says, do. Just drop the ego. Things are going well but the ego can disrupt everything. It is the only enemy that one has to be very very aware of. It comes in such subtle ways and with such logic that it is very difficult to resist. And it brings great rationalizations.

Just surrender to Asheesh and whatsoever he says, you do it – even if he asks something absurd. He may ask something absurd because that’s why I make these people leaders; they are absurd! Deeksha, Asheesh… they have something in them; that’s why they are there! You may be doing something and just in the middle he may say ‘Now do this!’ You will feel ‘This is not right’… and you are right; still you have to surrender.

Surrender is only when even if you are right, you can give in. When you are wrong then surrender has no meaning. Surrender has to be absolute…. And Asheesh is a good master – just surrender to him, mm? – just listen and whatsoever he says treat it as if he is right, always right. And that will change your energy.

Nothing is wrong. It is just that the ego is trying to take hold of you, trying to raise its head. The ego is feeling that things are going too far: if you go a little more then it will be too late. That’s why you must be feeling other negativities too. But first settle with Asheesh, and then you will see that ninety-nine percent of negativity has disappeared. After one month see me again, and then tell me if something is left.

Nothing to be worried about; things are really going well. When things are going well, then only does trouble arise. Then the ego becomes afraid; it starts giving trouble. So immediately after darshan, find Asheesh, touch his feet and say, ‘Master, I am surrendered!’

Osho, The Open Secret, Ch 14 (excerpt)

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