Inner Voyages: Whale Music


Whale music for relaxation and meditation by Kamal, presented by Waduda and Bhikkhu.

The New Earth Records creative office in Boulder, Colorado, is always bubbling with new creative projects. We felt inspired to create a series of visual inner voyages accompanied by our music for a new easy way to travel without going out during the various lockdowns. This idea evolved into a series of meditative videos celebrating our world’s diverse beauty, from the sacred temples of India to the rugged Australian bush.

After soaring high in the unexplored skies with “Escape from Gravity”, we plunged into the depths of the oceans where we witnessed the gentle intelligence of the whales in our Whale Meditation video. We combined rare captivating images of these peaceful giants in their natural home with music created from recordings of real whale song. Kamal, the artist behind this unique music, shares his experience creating the albums:

“When I first approached Waduda and Bhikkhu with one of my albums, Waduda made a suggestion which changed the course of my career for the better. She had the idea to layer recordings of real whale song over my music, to which I immediately agreed. She connected with whale biologist Dr Roger Payne, who owned the rights to one of the earliest authentic recordings of humpback whale songs made by engineer Frank Watlington in 1961. Waduda then secured the licensing for me to use these recordings, resulting in the release of three albums of which I am quite proud: Reiki Whale Song, Reiki Whale Dreaming, and Whale Meditation.

Dr Roger Payne invited me to peruse the countless recordings of humpback whales in his archive. The recordings I chose happen to all be from the 1960s, among the earliest ever recorded, back when the ocean was quieter but still brimming with life. In one of our conversations he commented that all of the whale songs I had chosen came from the sixties, and that he found them to be the most special sounds, to which I responded that the whales must have been in tune with all that was happening musical and socially at that time. I felt a great connection with this unique individual who has made his passion his life’s work.

This year marks the 15th anniversary of the album Reiki Whale Dreaming – and how our world has changed in that time. It’s become more important than ever to spread awareness of the plight of our ocean-dwelling friends and to highlight conservation efforts devoted to protecting them. If this video inspires you to take action to protect our marine brethren, supporting conservation efforts like those at Sea Shepherd and the Oceanic Preservation Society can make a big difference. Let’s all take action Now for the future of our beloved planet Earth.”


Waduda & Bhikkhu are founders of the music label New Earth Records.


Kamal is a musician, composer and producer.

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