Iggy – The art of living a simple life

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Episode 148
The art of living a simple life

20 July 2021

In this intimate and friendly conversation, Iggy talks about the painful and dramatic experience of losing his parents, which became a door to step into a spiritual journey. Sannyasin at heart, Iggy has been touched by Osho and has chosen Reiki as his main vehicle for personal growth and transformation. Iggy is a highly qualified musician who has worked alongside some of the best Italian artists such as Franco Battiato.

Iggy is a Reiki Master, certified sound therapist and Tung’s acupuncture licensed practitioner. He has more than 20 years of experience in complementary and alternative medicine practices and bioenergetic healing work and also teaches meditation. Since 1990. Iggy has been working as a professional musician, performing alongside international stars, leading and co-leading successful groups from classical to contemporary music, from jazz to folk and experimental avant-garde. He is currently involved in promoting his music, teaching, practising and sharing the joy and simplicity of life with his fellow friends. reikiinhealing.orgluigipignatiello.com

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