Dhyan Sutorius


(24 September 1938 – 11 October 2021)

Dhyan Sutorius, MD, has worked as a family doctor (GP) and as a ship’s doctor and later as a dermatologist in his private practice in one of the hospitals in Amsterdam. Since 1978 he conducted the laughing meditation at all kinds of congresses and meetings (medical and others), sometimes with more than 800 participants, several times partly broadcasted on radio and television. In 1985 he founded the Centre In Favour Of Laughter in Duivendrecht (The Netherlands).

Prem Dhyan is also the author of two books: Lachen Maakt Gelukkig (Laughter Makes Happy) and Lach-Meditatie (Laughing Meditation).

Madhugit writes:

Many of us still remember him, Swami Prem Dhyan. The laughing doctor from Holland. The one who introduced the laughing meditation in the West. A few of us sannyasins were present at the funeral, just to make sure that his family shall know that he was highly respected among the sannyasins, and that something of him and Osho may linger on in the memories of his family.

Few Sanyasins that were present at the funeral.
A few sannyasins who were present at the funeral.

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