An ode to the gypsy spirit of the desert just released on Amano Manish’s YouTube channel.

This song is my personal ode to the gypsy spirit of the desert land where I come from. I was born and brought up in a sleepy dusty town of Rajasthan.

The hook line Kesariya (inspired from Rajasthani folklore) was in my heart since many months but it took its sweet time to start emerging as a song. My initial idea was to include a rap singer too and a female vocal lead to go with it.

I connected with a lyricist friend Sharmila Ranade to give me appropriate words. She did give me good lines but I asked her to rewrite it, and she again gave me another set. But somehow the song was not taking off and for another few weeks I left it in the cold, waiting for an inspiration.

Then one fine day I realised that the rap and the romantic angle would not work here so sorted out the lyrics myself according to my hunch – and then immediately everything started to fall into place.

I used sample vocals in Rajasthani language as ambience to gave the song a mystical-emotional facelift.

So the song finally came out as an emotional soundscape of a gypsy who knows the desert like the back of his hand and who has set out like a seeker in search of a path.

Once the full timeline was made, I decided to sing it as I knew my untrained voice would emote the feeling better.

All the video clips which I compiled to go with the song are royalty free. In the beginning of the song I showed the desert life, then halfway down Indian city life and Rajasthani culture.


Kesariya balama padharo ni sa mhare des
Hey Kesariya, please do come to my home and be my guest

Banjara hai wo ret ke saharaon mein
He is like a gypsy wandering in the desert

Khushbu sa bikharta hua samjho to zara
He is like fragrance in the air, please understand this

Talashein kahan rooh ki gehrayiyan
Where shall we search for the depths of our soul

Rag rag mein basa hai wo kesariya
This Kesariya is actually in every bit of our being

(Kesariya is a kind of mythical hero or warrior and, yes, also a beloved)

Amano Manish

Amano Manish is a composer and musician famous for his slide guitar.

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