Chinmaya Saraswati


– 2 December 2021.


Chinmaya Saraswati was given sannyas by Shivadas in Berlin in the spring of 1973. He soon travelled to Mumbai and stayed with Osho till April 1974. After his return, he co-founded Berlin’s first meditation centre, Anandlok. He returned to Osho in Poona for a brief spell in 1975. He got the amazing opportunity to take photos of Osho in the garden while he was there. He never returned to Poona after that.

He went his own way in the late 1980s and renamed himself Hans. To his friends, he stayed Saraswati till the very last. Music was his passion, and he took a lot of strength from it. He worked as a DJ in a Berlin nightclub for a few years. Saraswati withdrew after a severe operation in 2010, but stayed in touch with a few sannyasin friends. In February of this year, he underwent another major operation, and he had health issues since then. On 16 November he was admitted to the hospital again, where he died on 2 December.

His friends wish him well on his journey and will remember him.


Thanks for text and photo to Satya


Chinmaya Saraswati, Berlin Shivadas was and is an old friend and brother of mine from the days, now and till forever, when Haridas returned from India with all the malas of then Bhagwan (Osho). (We then all became Das’s.)

I never came to know you in person, now I read about you on Osho News.

The Shivadas Gang of pioneers and friends.

I send love and gratefulness into the quantum field for you having been around, especially also since you had been part of the force of music – loud or hidden.

Maybe we meet one of these not-days in the nothing.


Anandadas, Bass player

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