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(31 May 1954 – 25 November 2021)


Salila writes:

Our beloved fellow traveler on this journey with Osho, Ma Sagar, left her body very silently and peacefully on Thanksgiving morning.

She became a sannyasin in 1980, and living Osho’s vision was all and everything to her. She was deeply connected with all of Osho’s communes. For a long time she liked helping in therapy groups because it gave her such profound insights into her own being.

Amongst all the ups and downs of life she always found peace in listening to Osho’s lectures and in doing Nataraj and Kundalini Meditation.

Singing and dancing were her passions, and so was being in nature.

We loved singing all Osho songs together, but one always stood out:
Mere Hamdam, Mere Dost (My Fellow Traveler, my Friend).

And that is how I will always remember her: my fellow traveler, my friend of 38 years.

She loved dancing, singing, and meditating with friends in Pune, Goa, Germany, and California.

Eventually she settled in Marin County. She loved the nearby redwoods, the streams, swimming in the lakes, and going on adventures with her beloved of 30 years, Bodhisamma. Together they discovered the beauty and magnificence of Abbotts Lagoon. And in Marin she found the loving community that she had always longed for.

So many friends sat by her bed in silence, singing or simply chatting a little in the final days of her life.

It was such a joy and blessing to spend this last period together until time finally stood absolutely and perfectly still.

Thank you, Sagar!

Salila (

Thanks to Viha Connection Magazine


We used to sing together the Osho songs in Candolim/Goa with Shantidharma. Your voice was full of life and love. Now fly high and sing the eternal love song. Will miss you, sweetheart,
Kabir from Goa

So many beautiful hikes we did together in Marin County, California, which I will never forget. We hiked, danced, talked, listened, and inspired each other. And especially your listening to me was always so healing and validating. You were a true sister of 40 years and I shall miss you forever. I am so proud of you for taking all your life’s ups and downs with such acceptance and always looking for healing, joy, and celebration.
Even in your dying journey, you emanated grace, love, and silence.
You are a beautiful soul and you are in my heart forever.
Ma Deva Santosha

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