Magic sky dance

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Extraordinary starling murmurations observed in the Jordan Valley, Israel.

Thousands of starlings migrate from Europe to Israel in the autumn and winter seasons. On December 26, 2021, photographer Albert Keshet saw a most unusual formation of birds in the skies of the Jordan Valley. One image morphed into what appeared to be a spoon full of sugar with a bent handle, as if Uri Geller had taught them.

The term ‘murmurations’ indicates the sound emanating from the birds’ multiple wingbeats; flocks gather in a sky dance; they dive, swoop, and wheel across the sky in spectacular swarms. On average, about 500 starlings can be observed, but in some instances, up to a million birds have, for example, been seen in the UK, and up to five million of them have been known to gather in Rome, Italy.

Credit – Albert Keshet
Music – Artist: The Tides, Track: Ammil

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