One More Day


A poem by Radhika.

Flowers - artwork by Radhika

I’m firmly watching
That’s my vow
I stretch and laugh
And there!
My master chuckles
That’s our way
And always was

One more day
Before I topple
And wave farewell
To who I was
While firmly watching
That’s my vow

All is shaky, shifting, wilting
Always was and ever will
But there!
The solid diamond of awareness
Shining coolly in the dark

A smile, a dance, a loving touch
A shy glance at the sun
Moving in a vacant sky
I’m firmly watching

Empty mind and empty heart
And there!
My Buddha inside waves hello
Now there!
The sun is touching the horizon
Sinking, shrinking, fading, gone
I’m firmly watching
A light so friendly and serene

Stars glisten, moon is up
My master beckons there
With empty hands I’m bowing down
I smile as tears appear like diamonds
While firmly watching
They funnel and then disappear

Poem and illustration by Radhika



Radhika is a writer, poet and designer.

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