Marga / Karin

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– 30 December 2021.

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Pathika writes:

On 30th of December 2021 we were struck by the message of the sudden death of our friend Marga Dhun / Karin Kirsch.

Her rebelliousness, her Aquarian, strong sense of freedom brought her from Germany to India already at a young age. She lived the life of a gypsy; travelling, flowing and adventurous. In the nineties she came to Pune where she took sannyas and started her journey inside. She made long-lasting deep friendships in different countries that remained throughout her life.

Marga expressed herself in writing and painting, and in the last 10 years she joined many painting groups in Amsterdam and Mallorca. Amsterdam then became more and more her base.

These recent years meditation became her main focus and concern, and more and more she lived from that place in her.

Colorful, wise woman, with a wide vision and loving to love…

Her last farewell was given on 8th of January 2022 in Amsterdam, due to covid restrictions by a small group of neighbours, friends and family.

Dear Marga,
thank you for being here.
for your fun, silence, wisdom,
laughter and loving, supporting company.
Enjoy your flight…

Message by her brother on Facebook

message from her brother

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