India and Nepal

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Sangeet exhibits a series of quick sketches he made in India and Nepal.

India: Tree, car and temple
India: Street tuk tuk parking
Taking a bath in India
India: Cows
In Kolkata
Courtyard in Benares

I like creativity that is not burdened by the mind. Creativity that can be called ‘easy, light’.

While making these sketches I realised that I had learnt a lot from the Vigyan Bhairav Tantra the way Osho had spoken of it. I would like to tell you about the process because it has brought me so much joy, and still does; and perhaps it would be interesting for you too.

There are objects that attract us. And there are always such objects in the world around us. For me it is a first trigger to start.

These objects kind of say, “Hey! I’m here!” So this is the first step – inspiration. Then, I’m trying to look at the object with a fresh no-mind look – discarding all knowledge I have about the object.

I’ll give you an example: You see a table, and on the table there are a glass, an apple, and a spoon. Our mind immediately divides the picture into several objects: a table, a glass, an apple, a spoon. This happens because we have a particular knowledge about each individual object; there is an apple, but there is also a spoon… and the apple is not a spoon, etc.

But visually, on the ‘screen,’ these are just lines that interact with each other; spoonappleglasstable. Who said that we should think in terms of separate objects? Are they really separated?

On the paper it’s just a relationship of lines. Everything is interconnected. To create a sketch I need to defocus my eyes first because I want to capture the whole picture in one single glance, without looking at anything in particular.

Then I start to feel that my hand freezes for a moment and is getting warmer at the same time. A little bit more and my hand is ready to break free for expression. I just let my hand move across the paper without really looking at the paper itself. Movements are fast and quite chaotic. The hand moves on its own. (I would not have known with my mind from where to start and where to finish.)

Suddenly the hand stops and the drawing is finished.

Pokhara: Lakeside
Lake view and banana leaves
Banana leaves
Pokhara: Cafe after the rain
Pokhara: Cafe second floor
Pokhara: Old house
Coconut tree and clouds

Deva Sangeet, the founder of the meditation center Osho’s People in Pokhara, Nepal.

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