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Next online meetings: Wednesday, 5 April 2023. Article includes future dates and list of upcoming online and in-person events.

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You are invited to come to a monthly series on Zoom.

Each gathering combines two parts:

  • A. A presentation by an Osho Awareness Intensive Leader or by an Enlightenment Intensive Master (usually 40 minutes).
  • B. Two optional “Dyad” sessions (45 minutes each) where participants deepen their awareness and understanding of themselves, of life, of love, and of others.

The gatherings are free of charge.

The presentations

Each month an Awareness Intensive Leader from the Osho communities or an Enlightenment Intensive Master will present an informative and inspiring talk about various aspects of these intensives and of the dyad process.

“Awareness Intensive (AI)” is the name used in Osho communities; the process is the same as in other communities where they use the name “Enlightenment Intensive (EI)”.

Each monthly presentation will include the unique, and often inspiring, personal experiences of the presenter.

There are many benefits of these intensives, especially how they are an opportunity for you to discover and “directly experience” the truth of who and what you actually are, of what life is, of what love is, and of what others are.

This process is suitable for every sincere seeker of truth in their lives, regardless of religious or spiritual orientation. Care is taken so that no belief system is introduced or taught. Only a method is provided to facilitate effective and satisfying personal enquiry and experience.

Event dates and times

All events in this series occur on the first Wednesday of each month.

Events begin at
8pm Central European time
7pm UK time
in November: 3pm in Eastern USA/Canada
in November: 12 noon Pacific Time

Here is the link for the events:
Meeting ID: 839 7986 7311
Passcode: 768440

New website:

Privacy: If you would like to remain anonymous on the Zoom call, please see Privacy on Zoom

Upcoming presentations in this series

Wednesday, 5 April, 2023 – presenter Russell Scott

Russell Scott is one of the new generations of “no dogma teachers”. He is the former owner of the Ecology Retreat Centre in Ontario, Canada where he pioneered programs in green building, sustainable living, permaculture and spirituality. He has led hundreds of self-inquiry retreats in Canada for the past 35 years. As a “self-realization guide,” he has assisted thousands of people in his one-to-one and group programs to break through past limitations and inner sabotage so that they can walk in the beauty, honesty, and magnificence of their true nature.

He is also the author of the Amazon best-selling and award-winning book Awaken The Guru In You – The Spiritual Seekers Guide To Inner Peace, Self-Acceptance and Who You Really Are. His greatest joy in life is watching people fall off their seats in fits of laughter when they realize who they really are. He occasionally writes rib-tickling Country and Eastern songs.

He will share his experimentation and development of the use of “Cycle-Change-Overs” as an alternative to the 5-minute-timed dyads and talk about the challenges of using them and how when properly employed, can improve the effectiveness of the dyad process. He has over 80 different dyad questions that he has used in his retreats and workshops that he will generously provide by e-mail to anyone who requests them after the talk.

Russell Scott – Author of Awaken The Guru In You – The Spiritual Seekers Guide to Self-Acceptance, Inner Peace, and Who You Really Are


You have to do it by yourself and you don’t have to do it alone”

The presentation will be followed by two dyad sessions.

A request for support

Smaran, who is the heart and soul behind these monthly meetings, has funded the initial meetings from his own pocket. However, due to his impaired eyesight and a recent head injury, he is needing to outsource the administration and promotion of these events and is running out of funds.

He would be immensely grateful for your financial support in allowing these meetups to continue – he already has presenters lined up until well into 2023!

Your contributions would cover the ongoing costs of:

  • Zoom hosting
  • Administrative help
  • Promotion
  • Tech support

Smaran intends to continue offering these gatherings free of charge and would like some help to cover costs. If that is something you feel moved to help with (on a one-off or small recurring contribution basis), please click one of the two links below:

For contributions in US$:

For contributions in UK £

Thank you!

Keep in touch

To receive announcements, you can join the Mailing List (click here). If you have difficulty with joining that way, please email your name and email address to Smaran: (Your details will not be passed on, and they will be used only to inform you of these AI and EI gatherings and related matters, if any.)

“For New People”

Below under Glossary some of the terms used in this email. As a new person, you are warmly invited to attend all the presentations which occur at the beginning of each monthly event. And if you prefer, you don’t need to participate in the dyads which follow. However, there is a way for new people to participate in dyads if that is your preference. To participate in dyads in breakout rooms (the second part of each event), it will be necessary for you to be introduced to the particular dyad technique we use.


The “Dyad Process” is used; it involves two people taking turns. One person contemplates and communicates about an essential question such as “Who Am I?”, “What am I”, “What is life” “What is love”, or “What is another.” The other person listens silently avoiding judgement and reaction of any kind, and does not refer to the partner’s expression when the roles are reversed, typically every 5 minutes.

Contemplation” means to be open to the experience of the present moment, without intentionally thinking or feeling, but accepting whatever arises into awareness naturally.

In an “Enlightenment Intensive” or an “Awareness Intensive”, the process typically carries on for 3 or more days, with partners changing every 40 minutes. Sufficient rest, food, and exercise are provided.

A “Direct Experience” is difficult to put into words, because it is an experience which is not of the body, not of the mind, and not an experience of emotions. Each Direct Experience is unique, but there is a sense of absolute knowing, or being beyond knowing and not not-knowing, with no sense of separation. This often leads to significant life changes.

With special thanks to Osha Reader, Lawrence Noyes, and Janeane Weprin for their support and suggestions. Dedicated to Murray Kennedy and Edrid for their inspiration and personal guidance. Dedicated to Osho. If you have any queries, please email Samaran at

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Regular Online Meetings

Monthly on the first Wednesday of each month
Using the technique from Awareness and Enlightenment Intensives
hosted by Smaran
on Zoom, 7pm UK time
A 2-part gathering consisting of a 40-minute presentation by an Enlightenment Intensive Master or an Awareness Intensive Leader. Typically followed by 2 Dyads in breakout rooms.

Monthly 3-hour Who Is In?
with Upchara
on Zoom

On alternate Tuesdays
Meeting on Oct 11, 2022, and every two weeks thereafter.
On Zoom, 6:45 pm Pacific time in USA and Canada
Hosted by Janeane Weprin

Every Wednesday
hosted by Murray Kennedy
on Zoom, 7pm Pacific time in USA and Canada

Every Thursday
hosted by Colleen Santini
on Zoom, 7pm Eastern time in USA and Canada

Global Dyads
There are dyads daily at 7 am and 4 pm European time zone. And other gatherings. It is necessary to sign up and receive an email for a training session, currently on alternate Mondays.
To sign up, click “Join Now” in the upper right corner of that page.

In-Person and Online Meetings

Awareness Intensive: Who Is In? at OSHO Multiversity in Pune, India
A time to focus your total energy on the search for an answer to the most fundamental question of all. Who Am I?
February 23 – 26, 2023 ~ OSHO Multiversity
March 23 – 26, 2023 ~ OSHO Multiversity
April 27 – 30, 2023 ~ OSHO Multiversity
Awareness Intensives at the OSHO International Meditation Resort in Pune, India

Retreats with Murray Kennedy
For information:
31 March – 6 April 2023 5 Day Enlightenment Intensive, Cloud Mountain, Washington, USA – in person

Retreat with  Pitaka
Spring Annual Intensive
9-12 March 2023
California: Commonweal Retreat Center in the Point Reyes National Seashore, Bolinas, Calif.


Lawrence Noyes; book The Enlightenment Intensive available at Amazon.

Tony Levelle’s excellent little book, The Love Intensive, can be ordered at Amazon.

Osha’s new anthology, Inspirations: Collected Poems and Quotations for the Mind and Heart, is available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble.

Simone Anliker’s The Power of Dyad Meditation: The New Way of Meditating in Times of Loneliness and Social Stress available from Amazon and also in German.

Pre-order Avikal’s new book Who is in? Beyond Self-image from Amazon.

Films and Videos

Katrin Potticary : Instructional video on dyad

A new Film about Enlightenment Intensives by Zen Reverend Pitaka Christie
In August 2022, Pitaka completed making a film to express some of her own story while including many others, conducting interviews asking E.I. masters and participants to communicate their personal direct experiences of Truth. This short film (25 minutes) is titled Boundless Heart and is available free on YouTube. Please watch it and add a comment, subscribe to the YouTube channel and share with friends.


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