Eat food without adding flavor or seasoning or sweeteners

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Subhan shares an awareness technique.


One way to wake up and step outside of the predictable, the habitual, the known, is to choose to do something that breaks the “normal” pattern of everyday life. Here’s something to try:

Eat food without adding flavor or seasoning or sweeteners!

Do you know what foods you eat regularly really taste like without covering them in seasoning?

The suggestion is to also eat slowly – tasting what “natural” tastes like! This can be done with just about anything you normally eat that you add flavor to.

For example:

  • Make lemonade with just carbonated water and squeezed lemon and nothing else.
  • Eat salad without dressing. Give yourself time to taste all the different flavors in it.
  • Eat a piece of bread without putting anything on it.
  • Steam raw vegetables, like broccoli, or Brussels sprouts, or carrots, and eat them straight from the steamer!

There are so many different foods you can choose to taste, in their natural flavor. And you might be surprised how delicious they can be without smothering them in other flavors!

This is just one of many ways to break an old pattern or habit.

Featured image by Alexandr Podvalny on Unsplash


Subhan is a certified counselor in Seattle, WA, USA and facilitates many different workshops.

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