Living Zen: Meera Art Exhibition


Various artworks by Meera exhibited at the Orangerie, next to the English Garden in Munich, Germany from 24th till 29th May 2022.

Living Zen Meera Art Exhibition

Finally, after the corona restrictions have been lifted, we can now offer another exhibition of Meera’s artwork in Munich (24-29 May 2022). We were lucky to get from the city municipality the prominent Orangerie, a beautiful location next to the English Garden. There we have the possibility to also exhibit some of Meera’s very large paintings.

I wanted to show especially some of Meera’s artwork that is less known, including a huge painting that was only exhibited once, during an exhibition in Bahrein many years ago. There will be more large and powerful paintings that Meera made during her trainings in Ibiza and also some small and abstract ones she had created after our visit to the Iguacu waterfalls in Brazil. So come and be surprised!

Meera’s paintings are always inspired by nature. She had a unique way to translate what touched her into visual art without trying to copy nature. In fact, a truly creative painting is born out of a deep response to the beauty that surrounds us and from letting our hearts dance and celebrate with life. This joy – that Meera was so full of – touches those looking at her paintings.

During this special exhibition we will also offer many free interactive events and, in a separate location, an additional 3-day workshop on creativity with Chetan and me. (See programme and opening times as well as info on the workshop – PDF)

I am very grateful that we are such a beautiful team, of volunteer helpers and musicians, and that this event will take place around the time of Meera’s birthday. I am also looking forward to meet many old and new friends.


Photos from a dancing event during the exhibition:

IMG_4747 – about and by Meera on Osho News


Svagito is a therapist, teacher and training leader. He was Meera’s partner for 25 years and is curating her legacy.

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