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Guilherme Manchini on his first experiences with Osho’s active meditations.


Earlier this year I had a strong urge to join a meditation group and learn more about Osho’s active meditations. Between 2018 and 2019 I had done two active meditations in a group near the city where I live, Santo André in Brazil. At that time I tried Karunesh’s Heart Chakra Meditation and Gourishankar. I enjoyed both of them, especially the first one. I remember that I had a lot of fun going sideways, forward, backward and sideways again. And in the end the silence…

But this year it was time to get to know the famous active meditations and practice them regularly. I discovered through Google a very well-rated place, the Lotus Therapies and Meditation (Lótus Terapias e Meditação), located in the city of São Paulo, a few kilometers from where I live.

Lotus offers individual therapy and Osho’s meditations and is certified by the Osho International Foundation. In the center’s programme there is an Initiation into Active Meditation course which lasts 2 months, with 8 meetings, every Monday night. Each meeting has an active meditation and a different short meditation, all from Osho’s Orange Book.

They also run a Deepening Group every week, for those who have completed the Initiation course. This course has the goal of integrating the experience of the program throughout the year. Due to the pandemic, all courses are being held live via zoom.

After I participated in two active meditations they had organized as a taster, one in January and one in February this year, I was surprised how well meditations work online. Even from a distance, I felt I was in a meditative and loving atmosphere. I liked how the facilitator, a young sannyasin named Sahar Bodhi, leads the group, interacting with us, and super-attentive.

After these two meditations, I was very excited to try the center’s main course, the Initiation into Active Meditation. When I was asked if I was interested in the course, I said yes, but that at the moment I could not afford it and would do it later, in the second half of the year. However, I committed myself to do at least the meditation of the month, since I would have the money to pay for that.

A few days before the start of the course, the secretary of the center, Archana, sent me a message that the center would like to offer a scholarship to me and that I could make a minimal contribution. Tears started to fall from my eyes and an enormous happiness pervaded me. I took Osho’s picture and thanked him. I myself was surprised how happy this gift had made me. The whole day I was thinking, How much do I love these meditations and Osho? I have to dig deeper to find out…

And now I am full in it!

I believe there are two kinds of families. The biological family and the family of the heart. When I started the course I realized that I was with my heart family. These are all people who are interested in meditation and Osho.

And there I was, doing the course, together with my group. It is facilitated by a sannyasin named Mahima, with the help of four staff members, mentors Miriam and Rosy, and two psychologists who offer help if requested by a participant.

Besides learning and practicing two different techniques in each meeting, we are encouraged to practice them alone during the week. I confess that sometimes it was difficult to do the active meditation, I missed doing it together with someone or the group. But I managed to do it in the end!

The short meditations were easier. I remember that I loved the Stop Meditation! Stop for 30 seconds, 6 times a day, whatever you are doing and freeze in the same position. I loved playing this with my friend and my girlfriend. They got into the game and it was nice to hear my friend say that he went into the present moment when he was doing it. This meditation can spread like wildfire!


It works, doesn’t it?

I really like the meditations that involve dancing, maybe because I am a musician and because I have always liked when Osho talks about the Sufis, Bauls and the songs of Kabir. I like the illogical, circular movements my hands make, and when I spin around like a child. Getting a little dizzy and then laughing is the best part. Yes, meditation is fun!


Also, I enjoyed the interaction with the group. I would not want to miss our laughter and love showers. I remember some beautiful moments we had, when everyone was emotional after the Osho Heart Meditation. One participant said something that touched me: “It has always been very difficult to feel gratitude for my life – and today I did.” Another, one of the helpers, added in tears, “It is so beautiful to see everyone engaged and wanting to grow.”

In the last meeting, I shared with the group my meditation notebook. We were advised to have a notebook to write down everything we felt during the whole journey. I didn’t think it made sense to keep it just for myself.

And so, I say goodbye to this text, sharing my meditation notebook with you, dear reader. I hope you will enjoy it!

And so ended the Gibberish meditation, the first of the Initiation.
With love for myself!

Deep and happy
Don’t forget this!
Love you.



You don’t need to prove anything to anyone
You are enough unto yourself

And others don’t need to prove anything to you
They are enough onto themselves

14/03/22, words that came during the Kundalini Meditation


After the Heart Meditation we had at the Lotus, I felt very proud of myself.
Very proud of what I have achieved inwardly.

Of where I was up to here.
An immense pride.


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Guilherme is a musician and poet from Brazil. Instagram: @gui_urso21

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