The art of listening and asking questions

Healing & Meditation

Nikas talks in this video about the difficulty and obstacles of being heard.

Snippets from the video:

It’s difficult to discuss things with people if they have an agenda.

I have difficulty of finding anyone who can be a clear mirror.

If I am speaking, if I am saying something, if I am actually sharing what is going on for me, has nothing to do with YOU. Absolutely nothing.

Nikas quotes from J. Krishnamurti’s book, To Be Human:

Can you listen without conclusions?
Without any comparison?
Without any judgment?
Just listen as you would listen to music, to something you really feel that you love.
Then you do not only listen with your mind, your intellect; you also listen with your heart.
You listen without care, without objectivity.
Samely, you listen with the attention to find out.

I think there is an art of listening which is to listen completely without any motive, because a motive in listening is a distraction.
If you can listen with complete attention, then there is no resistance either to your own thoughts or to what is being said, which does not mean that you will be mesmerized by words, but it is only the very silent, quiet mind that finds out what is true.
Not a mind that is furiously active, thinking and resisting.

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Nikas (1968-2022) was a world-renowned hairstylist and colorist. He was also a spiritual teacher. Obit on Osho News.

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