Guru Purnima Celebrations in Pune


…with a visit to Osho’s samadhi at the Osho International Meditation Resort.

Guru Purnima at the gate

According to a Facebook post by Keerti, a group of sannyasin, after a morning Satsang with the Master at Maulana Azad auditorium in Koregaon Park, followed by breakfast and one more meditation, and a half hour of sharing session, made a visit to the main gate of the Osho Meditation Resort, “where there were more police than sannyasins to welcome us.”

A certain 149 dhara had been imposed by the police in that area, which means that no processions or assembly of more than a group of 5 people were allowed. A few dozen sannyasins reached the gate and requested the management to allow them to go in. Swami Dhyanesh and Swami Devendra met them and told them that banned people would not be allowed in.

Guru Purnima, and Full Moon, Full Monsoon Festival in Pune! Osho’s blessings kept showering on his disciples all day. Amazing energy!

The negotiations went on for about three hours  – under the monsoon rain – while the kirtan by sannyasins continued in the celebrative spirit of Guru Purnima. At about 3.00pm the chief police inspector of Koregaon Park arrived and discussed the matter with both sides – the sannyasins at the gate and the management of the ashram within.

With his intervention, the management allowed the banned sannyasins to go in and have a samadhi darshan in groups of five. The group went through the registration process and purchased the full-day entry pass. Swami Dhyanesh, police personnel and the group had a samadhi darshan together, including a small tour in the garden.

The Guru Purnima celebration continued in the Maulana Azad auditorium, interrupted by a meeting with the press, who later quoted a statement by Ma Sadhana, the spokesperson for the Osho International Resort, as saying, “The matter regarding the sale of the property is sub judice and I cannot speak about it until the court gives a decision. On the allegation of entry to the international centre, we allow only those who have registered with the commune for entry. We do not allow gate crashers.” (more on Times of India) The day ended with “an evening celebration with an Osho discourse, live music by maverick Uday Ramdas whose talented Sufi band was certainly the crescendo!”

Keerti adds: “I am sure the police team also had a very good time with us, because the protest was in the spirit of celebration, nothing of the usual violence that follows protests. We had taken flowers to the Resort and lots and lots of kirtan songs to sing and dance together, and to give the message of removing all barriers.”

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