Bardo: The Last Prayer

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Bardo: The Last Prayer by Amano ManishBardo: The Last Prayer
by Amano Manish
Amano Manish Prodiction, 2022
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Bardo is a Tibetan term for a sacred process used to prepare for a conscious death or for a life’s major transition – through meditations, authentic love, and compassion in a deep state of let-go. The music helps keep just that: an inner tranquil space of letting go, in a prayerful last celebration bidding a grateful goodbye to a life well-lived.

The whole album can be played on a loop in the room or spaces meant for terminally ill people, as this music generates the typical Bardo effect.

Amano Manish writes:

“During covid times, I had seen, heard, and felt death from close quarters. I had also been through my own spiritual and personal transition and transformation in these last couple of years. And that is exactly what all-so-tangibly comes forth through this music.

“I designed the tracks and wrote the lyrics in such a way that the divine prayers and sacred chants can be listened to with a feeling of a deep letting-go. This also permeates through my singing.

“The compositions, arrangements, and music are all my creation, while the excellent production work has been done by my colleague, Siddhant Borawake.”

Amano Manish

Amano Manish is a composer and musician famous for his slide guitar.

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