A Love Journey with a spiritual dimension


Tantra workshops offered by Dhairya and Anjori in Denmark in July 2023.


Dhairya and Anjori will be offering the workshop Alchemy of Tantra for Couples: Deepening Intimacy on 11-16 July 2023 at Osho Risk oshorisk.comtantricheart.eu

Tantra, often, is solely understood as an exploration of sexuality. Our understanding is that Tantra covers all areas where our life energy is involved. In our sexuality, in our emotions. It is a path for expanding our awareness towards more wholeness.

Tantra teaches something very unique; that we can be individuals, say yes to ourselves and the other and still, mysteriously, meet in a very unique way. We so often say no – no to the other, no to the energy, no to ourselves, no to what is here, right now in this moment. When we discover that we can say yes (also to the ‘no’), there comes so much freedom and relaxation.

Tantra is also about discovering how we are conditioned, where there are hindrances and obstacles that block the flow of energy.

What we love to convey in our groups is this unique understanding, to support couples and individuals in growing alone and together while deepening their intimacy, and to show the possibility that a relationship can become a love journey with a spiritual dimension.

It is clear that we don’t have ready-made answers to convey in the groups, because Tantra is an ongoing journey. All we can do is share our journey. We can share where Tantra has supported us and deepened our intimacy in our 25 years together.

Another important element in our teaching is playfulness. Very easily in a relationships we can become very serious and get locked in discussing who is right and who is wrong. When we are standing across from each other, wanting to be right and to wrong the other, we loose the playfulness and the lightness that once was there when we met and fell in love.

We don’t see ourselves as ‘group leaders’, but rather as friends and fellow travellers – we are all in the same boat and face the same obstacles. We can, however, provide a map. In our case: A Tantra Map. This map can support what we call: A Love Journey with a spiritual dimension.

Dhairya and Anjori


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