The value of simple work – my work in the factory


In her podcast #78, Modita shares her insights into work, in particular what we call ‘menial’ work.

people at work

In this episode of my podcasts ‘From Pain to Being’ I talk about what production work in factories has brought me.

  • it stopped me worrying about what work to do
  • it gave me satisfaction to see what I had done
  • physical work kept me out of my mind
  • this work I could do as meditation
  • I learned a more direct way of communicating
  • I made social contacts
  • my horizons expanded

I also share a beautiful (and famous) text from Osho: “Cleaning the floor can be a tremendously creative act.”

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Modita van Zummeren is an ex-medical doctor and facilitates Family Constellations (also online) and Osho meditations. She is the author of Depression, a Stepping-stone towards Bliss.

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