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A useful technique shared by Madhuri.

Easy is Right by Keerti P. Michel
‘Easy is Right’ by Keerti P. Michel

Recently I heard a discourse where Osho spoke about dreams, saying that there is no universal way to interpret the symbols in them; that each person is so different, and each dream is so different even in the life of a single individual, that each dream has its own unique timing, its own unique message.

This has certainly been my observation too; and so I don’t read books about dream interpretation. Instead I have discovered a very simple key that can help a person understand almost any dream.

I say ‘almost any dream’ because there are some dreams that predict future events, or show events happening right then, some place far away. There are mysterious dreams bearing a message from some other person, living or dead. There are all manner of odd dreams in this world, and this key will help you understand a great many of them; just not all.

But if you use this key on a dream and still cannot understand it, that alone is a clue that this may be a special dream – and it’s good to watch out then for what life might bring that will make it make sense.

Each character or object in a dream is a potent energetic fact of your subconscious or unconscious, delivered to you in code. When you de-code it, not with your intellect but experientially, the energy held within the symbol is returned to you and becomes part of the overflowing energy of your daily life. And the understanding that you have had illuminates your life and helps you move along with a certain transcendence.

I’m going to give you this very simple key. This is not to say that more complex methods are not useful – they certainly can be – and I encourage you to enjoy any that attract you. But I find it’s very practical to have a simple method that I can fit in with my life easily – and that works.

The Method

When you wake from a dream, it is very helpful – though not absolutely required – to write it down immediately. Therefore it’s good to keep a notebook and pen in your bedside table. If you don’t write it down, you can still successfully work on the dream if you do it as soon as you can – before it fades too much.

Then, stand up and step into a place where you’ve got some room to move about in.

Suppose the dream contained a big chest of drawers – a tiger – a small cat – and a big woods outside a window. Suppose an old uncle of yours passed through, and your mum, and there was a surfboard standing against the wall.

So, choose one of the characters, let’s say the surfboard, and get a sense of where it is in the room. Then, consciously step out of yourself and into the character or object. Become it.

Do not use any effort for this! Efforting will get in the way. Just let go into it. It’s really very easy, and I have almost never met anyone who couldn’t do it. Family Constellation and Gestalt Therapy are both built on this same understanding – that the veil is thin, and everyone can go everywhere. Just let go, and you will be right inside the character or object, experiencing its life, its viewpoint.

As you experience it, let your body have whatever movement is in it. You are making the energy held there conscious – and you might be surprised as hidden things are revealed and you get a new blast of vital life.

This takes only a few moments for each character or object – though you can linger longer if you like.

When you have tasted and opened out one character or object, bow to it in thanks and then step consciously out of it and into another one. Let go into it and you will be given understanding of what it is, and its energy will be given back to you.

Do this with every character or object in your dream – the chest of drawers, the tiger, cat, woods, uncle, mum, surfboard. You could also ‘become’ the whole room, just to see what that is about.

Above all, trust what arises! No need to second-guess it – it is what it is, and it’ll show you what it is. Just allow it.

Then, the last step: Ask the universe, “What is the meaning of the whole dream?” And there will appear a place in the room where you can go to stand and ‘become’ the meaning. Let go into it.

Then bow in thanks and step out of that and back into you.

And you are ready to go on with your day, rejuvenated and expanded in consciousness all through your body/mind.

(Note: I have also done this method on a morning walk – just stepping in and out of the symbols as I move.)

Featured image: ‘Easy is Right’ by Keerti P. Michel –

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Madhuri is a healer, artist, poet and author of several books, The Teenage Poems being her latest one.

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