Horoscope for the Month of Sagittarius 2022


This month’s horoscope by Phoebe with quotes by Osho; “The THISness of existence is so beautiful, the NOWness of existence is so incredibly beautiful, that all that you need is just to relax…”

Sagittarius Mandala by Deva Padma
‘Sagittarius’ © by Deva Padma, available as fine art print from devapadma-prints.com

Phoebe would like to point out that we all have all the twelve zodiac signs in our horoscope – some with planets in them and some are empty – meaning some of the themes addressed are in the foreground and some in the background of our lives. “I recommend readers to read all twelve quotes, not just their star sign, for a wider perspective on the themes of the month,” she says.

Planetary Positions

Sun in Scorpio enters Sagittarius on 22nd November.
New Moon in Sagittarius 23rd November.
Full Moon in Gemini 8th December.
Mercury in Sagittarius enters Capricorn 6th December.
Venus in Sagittarius enters Capricorn 10th December.
Mars retrograde in Gemini.
Jupiter retrograde in Pisces turns direct 23rd November and enters Aries 20th December.
Saturn in Aquarius.
Uranus retrograde in Taurus.
Neptune retrograde in Pisces turns direct 3rd December.
Pluto in Capricorn.
Chiron in Aries.

Mood of the Month

“Mind is the constant process of desiring more and more. Mind remains eternally in discontent. Nothing satisfies it, nothing at all… You are living in such a tremendously beautiful world, with all the stars and the planets and the sun and the moon, with the flowers and the mountains and the rivers… This is the most perfect world possible… Relish the celebration that goes on around you… There is no reason to be miserable. The THISness of existence is so beautiful, the NOWness of existence is so incredibly beautiful, that all that you need is just to relax… Let the separation between you and the whole disappear.”

Osho, The Dhammapada, Vol. 3, Ch.3


“The so-called man of knowledge is far more foolish than the so-called fool, because the fool at least is innocent… that much truth is his. But the man of knowledge is in a far more mess – he knows nothing but he thinks he knows… To experience one’s utter ignorance fills one with great wonder. The existence is transformed into a mystery and… to know the universe as a miracle, as a mystery, as something unbelievable, as something impenetrable, as something before which you can only bow down in deep gratitude, you can only surrender in awe, is the beginning of wisdom.”

Osho, The Dhammapada, Vol 3, Ch 1


“Find friends who love the truth because alone you may not be able to gather that much courage to go into the uncharted sea. But when you see many are going, a great courage may arise in your heart… Hence a commune is needed… where seekers can gather together, where lovers of truth can hold hands with each other, where meditators can share their experiences with each other, where people can feel that they are not alone… When you see many people dancing, singing, rejoicing in their journey, great courage arises in your heart.”

Osho, The Dhammapada, Vol 3, Ch 1


“A disciple is a rare phenomenon. It is very easy to be a student because the student is searching knowledge… He gathers knowledge; he becomes more and more knowledgeable. Finally in his own turn he will become a teacher, but all that he knows is borrowed, nothing is really his own… A disciple is a totally different phenomenon… He is not interested in knowing about God, love, truth. He is interested in becoming God, in becoming truth, in becoming love… The disciple is not interested in hoarding. He wants to experience, he wants to taste; and for that he is ready to risk all.”

Osho, The Dhammapada, Vol 3, Ch. 8


“The ego feeds on no; it is its nourishment. The ego avoids saying yes as far as it can avoid. If it has to say yes, it says it very reluctantly, because when you say no you assert your power… When you say yes you are no more powerful, you have surrendered… The ego is violent. The more you hurt others’ egos, the better you feel – you are higher, you are superior. With yes, all superiority disappears, with yes you simply dissolve… It is not an absolute thing that the love will always say yes… Love can say no too but… when love says no it is not to hurt you, it is to help you.”

Osho, The Dhammapada, Vol 3, Ch 2


“You don’t know who you are because you believe what others say about you. And you don’t know who others are because you believe what others say about others. This is a very make-believe illusory world in which we live. Wake up! Become more conscious. By becoming conscious you will become a master of your own being. Mastery knows nothing of self, and the self knows nothing of mastery… My teaching is not for self-control, self-discipline. My teaching is for self-awareness, self-transformation. I would like you to become as vast as the sky because that’s what really you are!”

Osho, The Dhammapada, Vol 3, Ch 10


“Neither analysis can be discarded nor intuition. Discard analysis and you become outwardly poor, starved, unhealthy… You are so obsessed with food, clothes, shelter you don’t have time and space to go in, to think about the higher things of life… If you drop analytical mind science disappears. If you drop analytical mind you can’t be affluent… Analytical mind is not bad, scientific approach towards reality is not bad – but it is only a means. It can’t be the end. The end is self-knowledge… the end is to know the eternal, the deathless… to know the ultimate law which pervades, permeates the whole existence.”

Osho, The Dhammapada, Vol 3, Ch 10


“To be lonely is totally different from being alone. Not only different, they are opposites… To be lonely means a negative state: you are hankering for the other, you are longing for company, you are missing the crowd… you are bored with yourself… To be alone means a positive state: you are not missing the other, you are enjoying yourself. You are not bored by yourself, you are intrigued. A great challenge comes from your innermost core. You start a journey of interiority… When you are with others your light shows their faces; when you are alone your light shows your own original face.”

Osho, The Dhammapada, Vol 3, Ch 6


“Life is only an opportunity to grow, to be, to bloom. Life in itself is empty. Unless you are creative you will not be able to fill it with fulfilment. You have a song in your heart to be sung and you have a dance to be danced, but the dance is invisible, and the song. Even you have not heard it yet – it is deep down hidden in the innermost core of your being. It has to be brought to the surface; it has to be expressed. That’s what is meant by self-actualization. Rare is the person who transforms his life into a growth, who transforms his life into a long journey of self-actualization, who becomes what he was meant to be.”

Osho, The Dhammapada, Vol 3, Ch 7


“We are all wanderers in search of the home, but the search is very unconscious. Groping in the dark, not exactly aware what we are groping for, who we are, where we are going, we go on like driftwood… Recognize that up to now you have been wasting your life, that up to now you have remained utterly unconscious. Start becoming conscious; that is the only way to arrive… Act with as much awareness as you can find possible… Walking on the street, eating your food, taking your bath should not be done mechanically. Do them with full awareness. Slowly, slowly small acts become luminous… and finally… one has arrived!”

Osho, The Dhammapada, Vol 3, Ch 7


“The man who has become awakened becomes yielding like the earth. He loses all rigidity. He is not like a rock. He is like soft earth, and only the soft earth can be fertile, can be creative… can give birth to new experiences, can give birth to new visions, new songs, new poetries… The man who is awakened, who is alert, becomes clear. All his confusions are gone… Now he knows that he is not an outsider here, that he belongs to existence and the existence belongs to him. He has become part of this infinite celebration that goes on and on. He is a song in this celebration, a dance in this celebration.”

Osho, The Dhammapada, Vol 3, Ch 7


“Unless you are free of empty, hollow words, you will not start the journey of inquiry. Unless you drop your so-called knowledge, unless you discard all your information, unless you become again innocent like a child, ignorant like a child, your inquiry is going to be futile, superficial… Which word is really full of fragrance? The word that brings peace, and that word never comes from the outside. It is the still, small voice of your own heart. It is heard at the deepest recesses of your being. It is the sound of your own being. It is the song of your own life.”

Osho, The Dhammapada, Vol 3, Ch 9


“It is said that wherever Buddha would move, trees would bloom out of season, rivers would start flowing in the summer season when there was no water. Wherever Buddha would move there would be peace, silence, love, compassion, all around… Joy is a natural state of your being. Just let there be no desire and see. When there is no desire there is no mind. When there is no desire there is no turmoil. When there is no desire there is no past, no future. When there is no desire you are utterly contented here-now. And to be contented here-now is joy.”

Osho, The Dhammapada, Vol 3, Ch 7

Phoebe Wyss

Phoebe Wyss is a regular contributor for the monthly horoscope and is the author of various books on astrology – astrophoebe.com


Padma is an internationally exhibited artist, the creator and designer of the Osho Zen Tarot and the Tao Oracle. embraceart.com

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