Ma Prem Nityo


(Milan, 12 January 1927 – 6 July 2022)

Nityo with Nirguno, the love of her life
Nityo with Niravo, Anasha and Nirada
Nityo's Sannyas Darshan
Nityo with Chaya at Chaya's 90th birthday party

Her daughters, Nirada and Anasha, write:

Our wonderful, unique, irreplaceable, beloved mum flew away on the night of the 6th of July in her 95th year. Her loss found us without words, utterly speechless, overwhelmed, sad and lost.

Now time has come to share, pay tribute and celebrate her extraordinary life. Her life has been such a full, rich and fulfilled one, always inspiring the life of others and of all those who had the privilege to walk along with her, who had the chance to cross her path.

Her deep and total trust in life has been the guidance, the inspiration of her own life and of the lives of so many. Her deep kindness, her sweetness, the radiance of her inner peace and wisdom were like a soft, warm, calming embrace.

The infinite and unconditional love and care for everything and all, her immense, indestructible joy of life, and her marvellous sense of humour which remained strong, unchanged and unwavering throughout her entire life, even in moments of deep sorrow, have been for us an example and a privilege to live and witness.

Nityo has been such an inspiration in our lives and we will be forever grateful to her for being the wonderful soul, the wonderful presence, the bright star who illuminated our path all along.

Arrivederci farfallina.

Thank you for having been our mum, our best friend and our forever-guiding light.

Missing you and loving you eternally.

Nirada and Anasha

Sannyas Darshan

Nityo took Sannyas in 1977. Here is what Osho, Bhagwan at that time,said to her during her Sannyas Darshan.

Come closer! Close your eyes, and if something happens you will allow it… Good! You have been ready for long, mm?

This will be your name: Ma Prem Nityo.

Prem means love, Nityo means eternity – eternal love, timeless love… and you have that quality to flower in timeless love. It will happen.

Man is meant to become divine, to become eternal – that’s the destiny. We can avoid it, but we cannot avoid it forever; one day or other, god takes over. We cannot escape for long, and we never go very far from the home.

I was reading about a small child who was threatening to leave the house again and again. So one day the mother said, ‘Okay, go.’ So he packed his small things – a little suitcase – but he took a very long time. He was waiting: maybe somebody would persuade him not to and he would never have to go, but nobody persuaded him so he had to go! (laughter)

So he took one round of the house, then he waited outside for somebody to come and get him but nobody came. He had to come in himself because he was feeling hungry.

Then he waited for the mother to ask, ‘Where have you been? You have been gone so long’ – but nobody asked.

He was thinking that he had been very far and for very long – as if many years have passed, and they had passed for him! He waited for some opportunity to bring up the subject. Then the family dog came in and the little boy said to the mother, ‘How big the dog has grown since I left! Mum, is this the same dog or have you changed him since I left?’

Man also never goes very far and we are never very far from god – very close. And I feel you are very close… very, very close…. Good.

Osho, What Is, Is, What Ain’t, Ain’t, Ch 15

More Tributes

Just the other day I was thinking, “I wonder if she is still here.” I have such a beautiful memory of visiting her house in the centre of Milano, many years ago, so full of beautiful objects, the bathroom looked like a garden, a great sense of aesthetic and beauty.
A very sweet and truly loving lady ❤️❤️
Deva Madhuro

Cara Nityo,

Non dimenticherò mai quando ti ho conosciuta a Miasto all’inizio degli anni 90… eri venuta a passare un periodo da noi… avevi bisogno di “staccare” da Milano.

Quel tuo sorriso, la tua grazia, l’eleganza dei tuoi movimenti mi hanno conquistata subito e quando abbiamo iniziato a chiacchierare e a conoscerci meglio mi hai regalato delle lezioni di Amore che ho sempre portato nel mio cuore.

Ogni volta che ti ho rivista a Milano o che ti ho sentita (fino a pochi anni fa) mi hai sempre trasmesso tanta gioia e serenità.

Sono grata e onorata di averti conosciuta e di averti voluto bene.

Sei una donna straordinaria! E sono certa che stai riposando e sorridendo nell’Amore e nella pace.

Con tanto amore,

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