Drum-in the New Year!


May these rhythms and Oshos! invite you to dance and celebrate the arrival of the new year.

Parva, the organizer of the Sun River Festivals in Italy, says:

“This video was recorded during Osho’s Birthday Celebration in 2021. On the left you see Purana on lead guitar, then Gandharv, Harshil, Nirjano and Dionisio, and on the right on his acoustic guitar is Subodha, who recently left this plane, and to whom we dedicated this year’s Birthday Celebration.

“Apart from these more spontaneous celebrations, we also organize four festivals and meditation camps a year, either near La Spezia, or near Florence. They are always well-attended and a Buddhafield is created immediately. They are such a joy, so much lightness and playfulness always.”

“Sun River” Noi Insieme: www.facebook.com

Note 6.1.2023 by Purana: corrected name of a musician. It was Nirjano and not Bodhisattva as previously stated.

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