Questions and answers by Lasell (Kavita).


My favorite letter, you asked? That’s easy. It’s Y.

Because Y stands for you and youth, for yearning and yielding.


With best friends and pajama parties, Y is bubbly, it’s silly.

With mothers and lovers and down-filled bedcovers, it’s yummy with chummy, with comfy, with cozy.

It’s ghastly and ghostly when someone is dying, becoming untethered from the Y of immortality.


Y bares itself boldly with every very, every many, every always.

Although there is no Y in no, not, never, it comes with each and every yes.


Now I look deeper, and find Y waiting, at the start of each annoying inquiry.


Why is the sky blue, I asked.

Why must we put the mayo in the fridge?

Why did you schedule my tonsil surgery for the day Peter Pan first aired on TV?

Why did you sell Thunder, our Labrador retriever? I thought he was mine.

Why did you start loving Jim when you and Dad had vowed to live as husband and wife, happily ever after?


Now you ask, why Y?

Because my Y is for you, now quirky and crinkly.

And for me.

Despite injury and uncertainty, I am sticky with loyalty.


First published in MicroLit Almanac by Birch Bark Editing (, re-produced with permission

Featured image by Ben Hanson on Unsplash


Lasell Jaretzki Bartlett (aka Kavita) is a horsewoman, author, and somatic therapist. She lives on a small farm in rural Virginia.

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