Human Design: Gates of the Month
February 2023


This month’s solar transits discussed by Marga.

Brotherhood of Mankind

In Human Design, as in astrology, the Sun moves from sign to sign over the course of the year, but the 360 degrees of the Zodiac are not just divided into the 12 signs, but into 64 further sections, called Gates, which are inspired by the 64 hexagrams of the Chinese I-Ching, also known as the Book of Changes. In this column we present, month by month, the Gates that are activated by the passage of the Sun, and any Channel that might come into being in combination with the movement of other planets. Together they influence everything that happens to us, as we are individuals immersed in the collective cosmic energy…

Zodiac Signs: from Aquarius to Pisces

2-7 February – Gate 13 ~ The Listener

This Gate represents the community and the brotherhood of mankind. It also hints to those individuals who, more than others, become a bridge and a means to the ones who feel disconnected and isolated from the multitude, and offer them ears to listen to their story. Each year, the transit of the Sun in these degrees opens up a space for listening and sharing where unresolved relationships within the human community can be re-established or at least clarified. The human community we are talking about is not the community that is based on family ties or a sense of belonging, but humanity as a whole, with all its different nuances. Hence the beautiful expression ‘brotherhood of mankind’. It is based on a fundamental empathy and connection that goes way beyond personal ties and looks for those values which are common to all humans.

8-12 February – Gate 49 ~ Revolution

In stark contrast to the previous Gate, this one speaks of revolution and change within the specific ‘tribal’ texture, which can sometimes assert itself with a forceful ‘No’ towards those who violate its core principles. It is a very emotional Gate. It’s sometimes unclear about its intent simply because it senses the need for action long before it fully comprehends the situation and the motivations behind the revolt. So, during these days, pay particular attention to those around you and the dynamics that arise. Gate 49 is also a bridge between species, connecting us to other mammals and the sometimes fierce tenderness that underlies their reproductive stages (mating, gestation, birthing, caring for the young).

13-18 February – Gate 30 ~ Desires

In these first four days (13-16 February), the Channel 30-41, Recognition, is again activated thanks to Mercury’s passage through Gate 41. (See my discussion in the January 2023 transits ). These are very exciting days, potentially filled with many possibilities, when the creative vacuum of Imagination is galvanised by the fire of Desires. The secret lies in the ability to pay attention to our emotional sensitivity, in order to ‘recognise’ what is manifesting within us or before our eyes. It will be an exercise in presence, where we need to keep our hair on. Otherwise we could feel overwhelmed by the intensity that occurs when something long-awaited starts taking shape and becomes an experience to be lived.

The risk, however, is that it may just remain a dream… If so, there is no need to despair. Sometimes it is not so important that things become real. What’s important is to have the ability to envision something great and meaningful. Dreams come and go; they may or may not come true… But the dreamer exists beyond the dreams and it is through their ability to create visions that the world changes, grows and is transformed…

19-24 February – Gate 55 ~ Abundance

The emotional wave continues and reaches its peak in this Gate! The problem with waves in general, and with emotional waves in particular, is that once they reach the peak, they begin to swoop down. And there lies the real challenge: being swept into the whirlwind or finding freedom in the centre of the cyclone? What we need is not detachment but the ability to embrace all feelings without rejecting or judging them. There are no good or bad emotions; there are only rises and falls, peaks and valleys, intensities and voids, high and low tides. Understanding this means freedom. Then only can we fully enjoy the magnificence of this incredible Gate! We are used to thinking of Abundance as a quality of the world around us. Here we must instead look inside, see the treasure within, and start to share it…

25-28 February – Gate 37 ~ Family

After the intense emotional rollercoaster of the previous three Gates, here we get off the merry-go-round and, and with trembling legs and a spinning head, we take our dear ones by the hand – adults and children – and go back home where a nice Sunday lunch is waiting for us. This Gate reminds us of duties, obligations and responsibilities we have while being part of specific communities. Whether it’s a blood bond or not, membership is sanctioned by real, physical contact or convivial exchange. These days, something or someone will remind us that the well-being of each person, as well as the stability of the group, depends on healthy and clear interrelationships. For some, these may be the right days to make important decisions concerning the family or the group to which we belong. It is also an auspicious time to make deals and agreements but only if we trust enough to seal them by a handshake.

Note: The Sun exits Gate 37 on 1 March.

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