Osho Music & Meditation Festival Jabalpur


A report with photographs from the organiser, Shrila Prem Paras, about the well-attended event last month in Jabalpur.

the stage
Swami Shrila Prem Paras with band
Pt. Hariprasad Chaurasia
Niladri Kumar
Ananya Chakraborty
Ishita Vishwakarma
Girish Vishwa
sitting l to r: Sunil Sahil, Pratap Fauzdar, Sandeep Bhola, Prem Rabiya
Vraj Kshatriya
Sawai Bhatt
Crowd with Mayor of Jabalpur (left)
Solicitor General of India Shri Vivek Tankha ji
the location
at the river

The Festival took place on the occasion of our beloved Master Osho’s Birthday from 9-13 December. It started in the afternoon of the 9th with a silent meditation. In the evening we chanted a mantra with an International Kirtan band with members from five countries.

Several creative meditation sessions with Prem Paras filled the program. White Robe Meditation took place with live music by musicians from Pune: Amano Manish on slide guitar, Vatayan on drums, and guitarist Roshan Sharma from Nepal.

On Osho’s Birthday, 11th December, Solicitor General of India, Vivek Tankha, inaugurated Pt. Hariprasad Chaurasia’s performance with an insightful speech about Osho in the context of human rights. “If there is a name which stands for freedom of thought and expression, then it is Osho.” he pointed out.

Hariji created a musical garden with his group of three bansuris and a tabla. It was an experience of melting deeper and deeper into peace. Niladri Kumar’s performance in the evening opened a new dimension with his ecstatic sitar tunes. After him the group Indian Idol and Sa Re Ga Ma Pa with the finalists Sawai Bhatt, Ananya Chakraborty and Vraj Kshatriya started the party with Sufi, Soul and Bollywood pop.

Pt. Hariprasad Chaurasia refused to cut Osho’s birthday cake. He said, “It is too beautiful. I will come next year to cut it.” He also mentioned that the energy around was like when he played in front of Osho.

On the 12th, India’s Laughter Champion from Sony TV, Pratap Fauzdar, together with sannyasin poet, Sunil Sahil, and Vibha Shukla entertained us with their political satire and jokes. Sunil Sahil stated, “Osho’s sannyasins are the only people who laugh without a reason.”

During the White Robe Meditation (Evening Meeting), Prem Paras’s band took everybody to the peak; they created a strong energy with their tight beats and joyful melodies. A pure feast for the soul!

And Sa Re Ga Ma Pa-Winner and India’s Got Talent runner-up, Ishita Vishwakarma, who is originally from Jabalpur, gave a wonderful performance created a festive atmosphere for dance and celebration.

Chaitanya Keerti, meditation facilitator and editor of several Osho magazines, closed the Festival on the 13th with him sharing his insights and experiences with Osho.

Prem Paras and his Team reported a great success. The target of creating a peace virus was achieved: the vibration around the Bhedaghat location had changed. Light fog and a brilliant joyous brightness were in the air.

The next Osho Music & Meditation Festival will take place from 8th till 13th December 2023. Booking requests can be made on oshomusicfestival.com

Organisers are: Shrila Prem Paras, Shrila Prem Rabiya and the Team from the Osho Home Ashram Jabalpur.

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