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– 28 February 2023.

Dharma Bharti

Ma Dharma Bharti, aka Padma Maa, and her husband, the late Swami Anand Moksha, met Osho (then Acharya Rajneesh ji) in 1969, when they were living in Mumbai (at that time Osho was also living in Mumbai).

Already her father-in-law was familiar with Osho and his work of awakening human consciousness. From there the journey started. She often went to listen to Osho’s discourses. Finally one day Osho called her and told her that she was a born sannyasin and that now she should be initiated. The next step into sannyas was her husband and a small child, her son who became Swami Yogesh, until the whole family became sannyasins; one more boy and two girls.

She had also opened a center in Mumbai before the whole family moved to Pune to stay closer to Osho.


Aruna, who kindly sent us this text and the photos, remembers when Dharma Bharti came to work in her Indian kitchen at the Music House which was then part of the Ashram. Anandprem, the son of Aruna and her late husband Anil Prem, has been a very good friend of Dharma Bharti’s son, Yogesh. He is the one who brought her the photos we are publishing in this post. Thank you all!

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