Just be loving

Tiny Meditations

Osho speaks to a sannyasin in darshan and suggests a meditation.

couple sitting on rock

[The sannyasin: My whole being feels in need of love.]

I understand. That too is good. That too is part of the same energy, because when the energy moves upwards, the sex energy is transformed and changes its quality. Then the sex need will become less and less, and the love need will become more and more. Energy going downwards becomes sex, and energy going upwards becomes love.

But don’t wait.

You start becoming more and more loving towards people. Just become a spendthrift about love. Just be loving even towards strangers, towards friends. Even to trees and rocks just be loving.

You are sitting on a rock, and just as one touches one’s beloved, you will see that if you touch a rock with deep love, there is a response from the rock. You can almost feel it immediately – that the rock has responded. The rock is no more a rock. Touch a tree with deep love, and suddenly you will see that it is not one way. It is not that you only are loving to the tree; the tree is responding, resonating.

So just be loving in whatsoever you do. Even if you are eating food, eat very lovingly, chew the food very lovingly. Taking a shower, receive the water falling on you with deep love and gratitude, and in deep respect – because God is everywhere and everything is divine. Once you start feeling that everything is divine and sacred, you will not feel the thirst for love because from everywhere it will be fulfilled.

Everything is going well. Feel blessed.

Osho, Nothing to Lose But Your Head, Ch 3 (excerpt) – Photo by Timo Stern on Unsplash

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