Past the Point of No Return – 5

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The next four stories from Bhagawati’s book, serialized on Osho World: Somadevi, Keerti, Mangala, Sahaja.

Past the Point of No Return

Read intro by Bhagawati and get links to previous episodes: Past the Point of No Return

Recollections of Osho Disciples on how they became his sannyasins


“I have found my people. I have found my world. I have found a small planet of my own, where love is the only law, where laughter is prayer, where dancing is divine, where every moment is sacred, and where to be natural is the only spirituality.” More…

Ma Somadevi

Ma SOMADEVI (Soma means the moon, or the nectar from the moon. It is also the name of the moon god, and the elixir that created ecstasy when drunk by the ancient rishis. Devi means divine or goddess.)
Born in 1957 in Vohemar, Madagascar. Somadevi took sannyas in December 1977 and presently lives in Boulder, Colorado, U.S.A.


I first heard of Bhagwan at 19 years old, when I went to Bordeaux, France, to start university studies. My boyfriend, Narayanadeva, came to join me there. He had taken sannyas previously and carried many books of Bhagwan with him. Narayanadeva and I had met in Madagascar when I was 17, still finishing high school. He had to leave the country because of a visa glitch, and he went to India. Read more…

Swami Chaitanya Keerti

SWAMI CHAITANYA KEERTI (Consciousness and Glory)
Born in 1950 in Panipat, Haryana, India. Keerti took sannyas in 1971 and presently lives in New Delhi, India.


I arrived in Bombay on the morning of September 4, 1971. I had five rupees in my pocket. A taxi was too expensive, so I took a bus and went to Jeevan Jagruti Kendra to find out Osho’s residential address. The office boy, Balkrishna, directed me to A-1 Woodlands Apartments, Peddar Road, and told me how to get there by bus. Read more…

Ma Prem Mangala

MA PREM MANGALA (Blessed Well-being of Love)

Born in 1948 in Chingford, England. Mangala took sannyas in 1975 and left her body in 2012 on the Isle of Man, England.


How I came to take sannyas? What would you like – the very long version, the long version, or the short one? I guess the very long version is the whole story of my life up until that point. And that would definitely be too much. The long version would involve all the details and adventures of the two or three years preceding that happening. And the short one… well, maybe I had better stick with that. It has taken me almost two, or is it three, years to get it together and get around to writing this, so I better not be too ambitious or I will run out of steam before the end. Read more…

Ma Prem Sahaja

MA PREM SAHAJA (Love and Spontaneity)
Born in 1956 in Perth, Western Australia. Sahaja took sannyas in 1978 and presently lives in Perth, Western Australia.


Bhagwan was his name when I first heard of him. It was more than 30 years ago, and I was over the moon with the first news and excitement of being pregnant with my baby girl. At the time, I was living in the Southwest of Western Australia on the outskirts of a very small town, and I had travelled to visit some friends to share my ecstatic news. Read more…

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