(7 December 1952 – 25 April 2023)

Jayant (Jochen Kern) passed away unexpectedly and peacefully into the light. He had spent his last years near the woods in Spessart Frammersbach, Germany, in good health and with his beloved dog. He loved silence and nature.

For twenty years he had lived more or less as a hermit. An indomitable Osho lover he spent his time passionately devoted to meditation. He was convinced that this intense transformation process and his introspection in seclusion had now come to an end and that from now on he would freely connect with people again, to meditate together and also to create a new kind of community. He still had many dreams and would have liked to travel to Sri Lanka with his beloved sister, who had always been lovingly there for him.

Jayant, originally from Aschaffenburg, travelled across Japan in the early 70s working as a repro photographer and model, and in the 80s experienced many colourful and happy years in Munich. In Pune he had trained as a rebalancer with Anubuddha and gave extraordinarily brilliant rebalancing sessions in Aschaffenburg, from 1990 to 2000.

UTA Cologne

Jayant was present with his whole heart in Poona I and II and Oregon.

His spirit and love are with Osho.


His niece Suchaaru (Nicole Blanchet) writes:

Jayant played a very big role in my life. To me he was a hero; he built the bridge to the spiritual world for me and so lovingly and patiently gave me answers to all the questions I had, even as a twelve-year-old. He often came with me to the forest where we meditated and had deep conversations.

When I was 16, Jayant took parental responsibility for me and I moved in with him when he lived in Munich. For many years he was always there for me when I needed him. He gave me so much. He encouraged me, he trusted me and we were always very happy and grateful we had this deep connection. Yes, we really celebrated it! I can remember the most glorious and most outrageous fits of laughter we had during Sufi dance. There was so much love that we thought we were bursting with happiness. So much love…

Although these last few decades have been mostly sad and frustrating for me regarding our relationship with each other, I understand we all have our own different experiences in order to grow….

Fly high, beloved one! In loving memory…

My Indian Chief, my uncle, my teacher and friend, our connection will always be….

In great love, eternal gratitude, in joy and lightness – forever….


Updated 3.5.2023: details about his sojourn in Japan corrected. Featured image changed.

Jayant's urnThe burial of the urn was held in Aschaffenburg and was accompanied by the following music:

Now you are in the light of heaven, also with your beloved parents, my grandparents…

I still cry tears of love and gratitude. I miss you and look forward to seeing you again someday. Thank you so much for being you. Silent laughter is exploding in my heart for you, my love.

Om Shanti.


More Tributes

Jayant was an inspiration during my childhood that touched my heart deeply. I will never forget his smile, his radiant big grin and the sound of his laughter.

I will never forget how much he impressed me eating German bread topped with miso and banana. Something I still eat today.

He had an innocent joy and I felt it when he spent time with me as a child. He was a healing presence for me, during a time that was not easy. We lived together for a few years and he always had time for me, time to sit and watch me doing my dance performances at the age of 7/8…

Thank you from the bottom of my heart 🙏🏽

I am certain you are in the light. Being the Buddha that you are…

With all my love,


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