Before you move into love, just sit silently together

Tiny Meditations

Osho speaks to a couple in darshan.

Couple by Deva Padma

Before you move into love, just sit silently together for fifteen minutes holding each other’s hands cross-wise. Sit in darkness or in a very dim light and feel each other. Get in tune. The way to do that is to breathe together. When you exhale, she exhales; when you inhale, she inhales. Within two to three minutes you can get into it. Breathe as if you are one organism – not two bodies but one.

And look into each other’s eyes, not with an aggressive look but very softly. Take time to enjoy each other. Play with each other’s bodies.

Don’t move into love-making unless the moment arises by itself. Not that you make love, but suddenly you find yourself making love. Wait for that. If it does not come, there is no need to force it. It is good. Go to sleep; no need to make love. Wait for that moment for one, two, three days. It will come one day. And when that moment comes, love will go very deep and it will not create the madness it is creating now. It will be a very very silent, oceanic feeling. But wait for that moment; don’t force it.

Osho, The Cypress in the Courtyard, Ch 3 (excerpt)

Illustration by Deva Padma –

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