Heart attunement for couples: short and sweet

Healing & Meditation

A meditation technique from Madhuri’s treasure trove.

Tibetan bells

This wonderful, useful, profound little meditation can be done on its own; before sensitive discussion between you; or as the first step in a Tantra evening, where you might add other exercises, such as Dolphin Dancing, Yab-Yum, candle-gazing à deux, Barry Long technique, or whatever takes your fancy.

Although the exercise lasts only 5 minutes, it goes very deep. I found it many years ago in a yoga magazine and have done it a great deal, and taught it in groups.

The Method

Prepare the space: soft music and soft lighting, phones turned off and nowhere near you (unless of course the music is coming out of the phone, or you are timing the meditation with it!) You’ll be sitting facing each other, either on cushions or on chairs. You can also do it out of doors, in nature, with just a stream of the breeze as accompaniment, or bring music with you.

I like to use Tibetan bells to signal the beginnings and ends of meditations – this gives a sense of clarity to the framework – but you can signal these any way you like; for example, pinging a spoon against a glass.

Set a timer for 5 minutes.

Sit facing each other. Reach out your right hand and place your palm flat on your partner’s heart. Your partner does the same – right hand on your heart. Keep eye contact, with soft, steady, receptive vision.

Simply remain like this for 5 minutes. Keep eye contact, hands on the other’s heart, no speaking; and simply observe whatever goes on inside yourself – emotions, energies rising, changing, moving on. More things rising. Space, depth – perhaps fear of depth, then let-go into it. Joy, wonder, whatever it is…

When 5 minutes are up – which sounds like very little, but it can last a very long time – withdraw your hand, each of you, and namaste.

Then, either move to the next segment of your Tantra meeting, or into your discussion or whatever… If you’re only doing this little exercise, a hug and a sharing at the end will round things off nicely.

Photo (detail) by Petr Sidorov on Unsplash

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Madhuri is a healer, artist, poet and author of several books, The Teenage Poems and What I’ve Learned Since being her latest one. madhurijewel.com

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