That emptiness is me


During a group darshan, Anand Deva, a physicist from Canada, speaks to Osho about his experiences in the group with astral projection.

Osho Darshan (35)

Anand Deva: I am troubled about my contact with you. During the astral projection experiences I tried to call you a few times, and I could not succeed. And there is something very strange.

…From the first time I saw you, at my first lecture, I was waiting for some miraculous feeling when you would appear. But when you came I just had this feeling that I was at my hundredth lecture, of always having known you. And everything I had constructed about you, just disappeared.

Osho: That’s very good. that’s how it should be.

Anand Deva: But each time I try to ever get you, it’s just a blank.

Osho: That’s me – that blank!

Anand Deva: But how can I relate to you?

Osho: That blank is me – you relate with that blank. You are trying to relate with some idea of yourself.

I am not your idea. That emptiness is me. If you relate with that emptiness you will be relating with me. You are trying to project something. Your mind is playing games with you. Simply forget me. Just see that emptiness; that is me. Forget the form… just look deeper. And that is the miracle of miracles. It has happened to you but you missed it because you have some ideas of what should happen.

Next time you start feeling blank, feel blessed. Let it sink in you and be drowned in it. You are in contact – it is just that you are not being able to interpret it rightly, that’s all. I am showering on you but you have not been able to understand it, that’s all.

So next time it happens, just drop all ideas. Don’t expect anything, because your very expectation will be a disturbance. And whatsoever happens, just accept it. That’s what is. Blank, then blank. Emptiness, then emptiness. Nothing happens, then nothing is happening. That’s what is. Relax into it and soon you will feel surrounded by me. Try it.

Osho, Dance Your Way to God, Ch 11



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