“In-breath is life. Out-breath is death.”

Tiny Meditations

Sarita explains a meditation Osho had taught her in darshan.


When I first came to Osho in 1973, I used to see him privately once or twice a week. These were unforgettable and precious moments I cherish. He would ask me how my meditation practice was going. He coached me so I could go deeper into my current practices, and often he would introduce me to new meditations to try. I was like a sponge, eagerly absorbing it all with as much totality as possible.

In just the first year of being with him in Mumbai, I went through a lifetime of lessons and transformational methods. One of the methods he introduced me to, carries a quality of eternal wisdom, so profound it shook me to the core. And yet, the method was very simple.

He said, “In-breath is life. Out-breath is death. As you are breathing, focus on the out-breath.”

I continued practising this meditation each and every moment I could remember to do so, for about a year. It is a gift which goes on giving, offering immense realisations and treasures.

The Duality of Life

In Tantra, opposite polarities are fully embraced. It teaches us that in the meeting of any two opposites, we experience ultimate truth.

While practising this meditation, I experienced a powerful oneness with the cycles of creation – birth, death and rebirth. I entered into a profound acceptance, letting go, and gratitude for life.

The Sufi tradition has a deeply insightful saying, “Die before you die that you may truly live.” As we open to ‘death’ while alive, these two polarities meet and merge within, revealing the oneness hidden behind duality.

The positive benefits of this meditation remain with me today, 50 years after being introduced to it. Meditation is like a fine wine, as it ages, its flavour becomes ever more refined and we can enjoy its effects even more.

Try this method yourself in the following way:

  • Sit for 20 minutes with a straight back, and bring awareness to each out-breath you take. Let the in-breath happen by itself. Just focus on the out-breath.
  • Follow this by focusing on the out-breath any moment you are able to remember to do so throughout the day.
  • Keep a diary during these 7 days in order to reflect on how this meditation is affecting you.
  • After 7 days, read your journal and check what has happened in your life as a result of this meditation.
  • If you feel benefitted from it, continue practising this meditation every day for 21 days.

Sarita is a Tantra teacher and writer. She gives workshops and trainings worldwide. anandasarita.com

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