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Madhuri shares an exercise for a Generator (a Human Design type) to do with a friend.

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This session is for any Generator or Manifesting Generator. It is a practice for contacting your belly, your gut-knowing. If you do not have Emotional definition, it will be your inner authority you are contacting. If you do have Emotional definition, it will still be an important step in being in connection with your gut, so that then when you are waiting for clarity, that waiting is rooted in a preliminary gut-contact – however fleeting.

You will need:

  • a partner to do it with: a friend is fine
  • a piece of A-4 paper
  • a pen
  • a scarf to use as a blindfold
  • a place to lie down
  • a blanket if it’s chilly

The Method

First, make a list on the paper. You’ll need about 100 questions with yes-or-no answers possible. Simple, clear questions; that do not matter in your life. There is no right or wrong answer – this is just a practice, so that you can observe your own connection, or not, with your gut.

Examples might be:

  • Do you have energy to go to Antarctica?
  • Do you have energy to move to Canada?
  • Do you have energy to start a puppy mill?
  • Do you like cucumbers?
  • Do you like peanut butter?
  • Do you like organic raw chocolate?
  • Do you like petting a cat?
  • Do you have energy to adopt 6 children?
  • Do you have energy to go zip-lining in Wales?
  • Do you have energy to eat a spider sandwich?
  • Are you a vegan?
  • Do you come from Nicaragua?
  • Do you like sunshine?
  • Do you have energy to dance in the rain?

Etc etc. Just enjoy writing a lot of simple questions.

Next, give the list to your friend.

Then, you yourself lie down on your back and get comfortable. This is not a trance journey so you don’t need to go into a deep relaxation first; just become present and settle in to being where you are.

Cover your eyes with the scarf.

Let your hands rest on your belly for a few minutes as you find yourself just being here; the parameters of your body just what they are. Breathe naturally.

When you feel ready, signal your partner.

Now the partner starts reading the questions aloud to you, one by one, slowly.

After each question, just notice what happens inside your body. This is your Response.

There is no right or wrong response. Does something open? Does something close? Do you feel frozen? Is there a good feeling? Does energy rise up and want to engage with the subject of the question? Does energy want to spit the question out?

Whatsoever arises, let a sound come out of you to express it. No words allowed! Just sounds.

Notice what your mind is doing. Does it argue with what your belly experiences? “Oh no, you can’t do that! Somebody might think you are bad/selfish/silly etc.”

Whatever the mind does, just take note, then ignore it, and put it aside. Come back to the belly.

The partner reads all the questions to you, one by one, and you let your body respond with sounds.

When the questions have finished, rest quietly for 5 minutes or so.

Then share with your partner what you observed, and if she has anything to share, she can tell you her experience too.

Thank your partner and have a hug.

This exercise can be repeated again and again at different times in your life… and only do you good!

To find out what Human Design type you are you can get a free chart from:

Featured image (detail) by Martin Sanchez on Unsplash

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Madhuri is a healer, artist, poet and author of several books, To Hills and Waterfalls: a Californian in Calderdale being her latest one.

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