– 6 November 2023


A Life Well Lived!

We celebrate everything. Celebration is our way to receive all the gifts from existence. Life is its gift, death is its gift; the body is its gift, the soul is its gift. We celebrate everything. We love the body, we love the soul. We are materialist spiritualists. Nothing like this has ever happened in the world. This is a new experiment, a new beginning, and it has a great future.”


Today, wherever you may be, please join us in the celebration of the life of Jayesh, (Michael Byrne) who left the body today.

He was fit and well till very recently and only two weeks ago was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer which had already spread widely in the body indicating, as he put it, no light at the end of that tunnel.

More than three decades ago, Osho appointed Jayesh the Chairman of the “Inner Circle,” as well as the chair of the OSHO International Foundation, Zurich, and the “Presidium,” tasked to support the expansion of Osho’s vision, around the world.

Jayesh was personally prepared by Osho to see the continued expansion of his work after Osho himself left the body.

Jayesh would often refer to what he called, Osho’s list,” and particularly Osho’s insistence on the importance of making his work available throughout the world, using all the latest technology.

That Osho is now the most widely published – read, watched, and heard – non-fiction author in history is testimony to Jayesh’s commitment to fulfilling the trust Osho placed in him when he turned towards him in his final moments, and said to Jayesh, “I leave you my dream.”

Osho also invited Jayesh to transform what was then an “Ashram” into the campus of the Osho International Meditation Resort. For those who have visited or seen this iconic campus, words cannot describe this legacy.

After completing the final leg of his work, the passing of the Chairman’s role to Amrito, in accordance with Osho’s guidance, Jayesh spent the last days mostly in silence, watching his body dissolve into a let go.

Such was the grace, relaxation, and centered way he approached his departure, it will surprise no one if he does not return.

His commitment to Osho’s work and the totality he brought to the work, each and every day, was something to behold, and an inspiration to all of us who had the opportunity and privilege to work with and around him for all these many years.

This day we celebrate a life!

Received as Press Release

According to sannyas.wiki, Jayesh (Michael Byrne) was born in January 1948 and became a sannyasin in 1984. He was the brother of Raj (D’Arcy O’Byrne).

The burning will come

Jayesh, when the burning will come, it will come. We will celebrate it – it is a promise. Meanwhile, enjoy life as much as you can. It is none of your business to worry about things which are going to happen after your death.

Life is so precious, not a single moment has to be wasted in thinking what will happen after death. Here in India, it is certain, burning will happen. So you can be absolutely unworried and unconcerned. You will not be the one who will have to take care of the burning, and you will not be the one who will be burned on the funeral pyre. You will be a witness standing in the crowd of the celebrant sannyasins. The only difference will be – that you will not be visible anymore.

But that is not a misfortune. Just think of the great adventures when you become invisible!

Osho, Satyam Shivam Sundram, Ch 4, Q 2 (excerpt) – Read the whole question: The cross of love

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