Beleza Humana (Human Beauty)


Raji introduces a song from Tathagat’s album É Isso Aí! recorded back in 1985 (video)

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These songs contain everything we loved about Tathagat

by Raji

When I was a young student, we used to listen in music classes to pieces performed by graduates. There was one voice that made me cry. So tender, so profound and so full of heart.

A few months later, a fellow student invited me to help create a band. We met at the Osho Ashram, and there I met Tathagat.

Our voices matched so beautifully. We always rehearsed on Sunday afternoons, and from then on we played together for many years.

The recordings which Max Fuerth has put on YouTube are partly from the Humaniversity and partly from the music studio at the University of Applied Sciences (Musikstudio der Fachhochschule) in Düsseldorf.

Listening to them is wonderful, they contain everything we loved about Tathagat. We miss him!

Raji and Tathagat
Raji and Tathagat, 1982

É Isso Aí means ‘Tathagat’

by Tathagat (from CD cover)

Music grows in sharing. If somebody is there, a sympathetic listener, then even just his presence helps you to go deep into your effort.”

Osho, Beloved of My Heart, Ch 5

É Isso Aí! is the Portuguese translation of the Sanskrit word ‘Tathagat’ – in English ‘suchness’, in German ‘Sosein’. This album is a compilation of songs which I created with friends in Cologne, at the Humaniversity in Egmond aan Zee and in Amsterdam, from 1986 until 2000.

My deepest gratefulness and love to all the musicians, technicians and supporting friends. My special gratitude goes to Osho, my spiritual Master, who inspires me in everything I do, and to my beloved friend Veeresh for all the love, support and trust you have given to me since the first time we met.

Tathagat (Celso Gonsalves de Oliveira), 2000


A beleza humana não depende de cores.
A beleza humana não depende de tamanhos.
A beleza humana não depende de formas.
A beleza humana é o efeito natural de amar a si mesmo.

Human beauty is not dependent on colours.
Human beauty is not dependent on sizes.
Human beauty is not dependent on forms.
Human beauty is the natural outcome of loving oneself.

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Raji (Susanne Atorf) is a singer and musician, and for many years was part of the Uta Band in Cologne.

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