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A letter (with good news!) from Dhanyam & Avinasho

Avinasho and Dhanyam

Dear Friends,

After 38 years of running Viha, Avinasho and I have decided to retire. After all, I turned 90 last August, and Avinasho just hit 75.

But no worries, please: Osho Viha will continue, and that includes the Viha Connection. We are thrilled that Viha will be in excellent hands: Our friends at Osho Nirvana in the San Diego area have agreed to take over both the sales department and the magazine and our prison project as well. We have known these guys for more than 15 years and love their enthusiastic devotion to Osho. The core team, Krishnananda and Chandrika, and Atmo and Purnima, came up here for a weekend in late January, and we discussed Viha’s future – and had a lot of fun together.

Meeting with Osho Nirvana

Through all these 38 years all I have wanted to do was make Osho available to those who were open to him, and I have loved being his postman. It has been wonderful to connect with so many Osho lovers worldwide – that has always been a very special bonus of my work here. I know Avinasho has especially enjoyed putting the Viha Connection together every two months and will probably miss doing that.

We send huge thanks to the many, many friends who have supported us through the years.

We invite all of you to stay in touch with us (at oshoviha@gmail.com) and to support the new Osho Viha team. You can reach them at oshoviha@oshoviha.org, as always.

Love and good wishes to all,

Dhanyam & Avinasho

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