The Non-Existent Limitations of the Flame

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A review by Bhagawati of S D Anugyan’s latest book; “I urge you to leap and join this incredible adventure!”

The Non-Existent Limitations of the FlameThe Non-Existent Limitations of the Flame
A Romantic Farce of Cosmic Disproportions

by S D Anugyan
cover illustration by Pramada Wells
Paperback and Kindle* –* –*

A Cosmic Comedy

Once you’ve figured out what a soulmate is, you can feel relieved that you’ve met one (or more) and be ready to relax… until the emergence of a twin flame strikes and you stand there puzzled, your mind unable to comprehend, and you begin hunting for explanations. Because deep inside there is a ripple of innerstanding, and you are desperately trying to access it.

A twin flame connection is distinct from a soulmate, who is typically someone who enters one’s life with a vow from another lifetime to meet and assist each other in this current incarnation. A kind of spiritual agreement, if you will. Often beginning as lovers, but not always, the soulmate might manifest in a variety of personas, and one will feel emotionally attached and supported through thick and thin as they navigate a specific life.

Meeting a twin flame in any form, physical or immaterial, creates an instant intense connection, resulting in a demanding and sometimes even volatile relationship. Twin flames are catalysts who appear for a limited time, usually during times of adversity, pushing the other to overcome obstacles and help them to get back on their feet.

This type of interaction is reciprocal; when you meet your twin flame, they will forever change your life, and you will, in turn, affect theirs.

According to Anugyan, “Doing an internet search, you will discover numerous sites devoted to TF experiences. Though helpful to some extent, one cannot help but wonder if some of the experiences described are not just romantic fantasy; for the one thing the Flame does is kick your ass. Just one encounter is a spiritual awakening, and the Flame doesn’t allow you to rest. Because of this intensity, a physical relationship between Flames is often too much, and untenable.” *)

Immersed in a realm where the visible and invisible coexist, Anugyan witnesses and, dare I say it, even joins in on the cosmic ballet of beings who are neither here nor there but exist and engage in wildly playful interactions across galaxies. Along the way, they help humans mature and come to terms with the fragility of their third-dimensional reality. Because uniting their masculine and feminine selves is a component of their employment, they engage in an active, non-binary boisterous sexual life throughout.

Arthur Schnitzler’s very contentious play Der Reigen, better known in its French version as La Ronde, tickled my memory.

The talks between all of the characters in Anugyan’s cosmic comedy are lively, to the point, amusing, and frivolous, no matter what settings or scenarios they create or find themselves in. There is a lot to learn for the reader who, hopefully, is already familiar with the fourth dimension, time, and is about to go on to the fifth.

Sample this: “You also know that we can only ever incarnate partially. The whole person is never there. It can’t be. Menaka and I have been together whilst you and I had our numerous disastrous rendezvous on Earth, you know that. You can’t squeeze infinity into one body. You and I are each other’s flame, and there are abilities available to us of which you are not yet aware, including conscious multiple incarnations, or manifestations.”

I urge you to leap and join this incredible adventure!

*) quoted from Anugyan’s article in Osho News: Opening Doors to Seven Dimensions

An excerpt from the book

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