(30 April 1957 – 4 May 2024)


Bon voyage

by Nishant and Anurag

Swami Basera (Roberto Pasi / Baserino) left the body on the 4th of May 2024 in Seoul, South Korea.

He has been ill with liver cancer for a while and was taken into hospital last week as his body was getting weaker. His wife, Yuri, has been with him all the time, taking care of him in a wonderful way. She told us that he left his body peacefully and in meditation.

Just a few hours before his death we had the chance to see him with a video call and we said goodbye to him.

Basera was a very generous soul in many ways. We had many beautiful moments together and he always surprised us with his original way of looking at life, his unique way to express himself and his down-to-earth sense of humor that made us go into fits of laughter.

Bon voyage and celebration, beloved friend.

Nishant and Anurag

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Ciao Bas, amico di tante comiche, in cui ci siamo divertiti a crearle e metterle in atto.
A presto,
Sw Bodhi Medha

Basera was a gentle soul, yet funny and lively. Total in his commitment to Osho, meditation, our commune, and his contributions at work when in Pune. He was a sweet, sensitive and unique person. I am very glad to have known him more closely, to have enjoyed the lightness of his presence. Thank you for your lovely company, Basera. Continue your great adventure! Sending my love …


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