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Ageh Bharti remembers a funny incident, involving Osho and his host Jayati

Osho being fed by Jayati

This happened in December 1969 in Junagarth, where Osho was conducting a Meditation Camp. Dr. Hemant Shukla and his wife Jayavanti Shukla, whom Osho always used to call Jayati, were his hosts.

One day, during the camp, I heard there was going to be a special photo session. Jayati wanted the photographer to take a picture while she was feeding sweets to Osho. But… when she held her hand stretched out towards Osho’s mouth with the sweet, the camera failed to click. As a result she kept holding her hand in that position – while Osho kept his mouth open. Both waiting for the camera to click. I was watching the scene; it was the most unforgettable moment. Even Osho laughed out loud like a child.

The photo was eventually clicked as you can see above.

Note: Jayati later became Ma Yog Meera

Ageh Bharti

Ageh Bharti

Ageh Bharti is a writer and the author of Blessed Days with Osho, Beloved Osho, and 22 books in Hindi on the topic of Osho. facebook.com

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