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This is a very simple subject with a very deep underpinning. It’s a bit like, in a Japanese tea ceremony, presence is all: the actions are simple, but without depth and presence the whole thing deteriorates into a banal mess.

And so, I’ll put it clearly: as a general rule, it’s going to be much more possible, easy, and rewarding to try talking with your Guides if you are also a meditator. Otherwise you will get confused about what is your mind and what isn’t; you’ll be spinning about in your head and not able to know what’s the difference between your head and your body. And it’s through your body that you will ‘register’ both what you ask, and what you receive back from the Invisibles.

I do get questions from people: “How can I talk to my spirit guides?” I don’t like these questions; it’s like when people ask, on Facebook messenger, “How was your time with Osho?” or “Tell me what you learned in Poona!” I feel that it is really asking a lot of me! Too much! I suggest to them just to read my book, Mistakes on the Path.

But I have been feeling lately that there is a place for a streamlined exposition on this one subject: How to converse with the Invisibles, or angels, or guides, or whatever you want to call them; written for meditators.

First off, I don’t know exactly who these beings are, if they even exist, or whether it’s all some extension of my own superconscious floating around – and it does not seem to matter at all. What matters is that it works: I ask, I share; and I am answered – beautifully, on target, in ways that make me laugh or tear up or just acknowledge the rightness of as message with a little ummmp! And I do see them in my inner journeys. They change shapes; this also doesn’t matter; it’s all in service to the moment, and is always beautiful.

And… all this talking to them only happened after I had brain surgery in 2003. But that’s another story… Let’s just get right to the technique.

Technique: This is how it works for me. You might be different! But as far as I can tell, my connecting with them is based on some principles that are universal (or else they aren’t!).

The Method

Sit quietly, in a place where you will not be distracted. Close your eyes and let things settle down. Wait until your breathing has slowed and you are feeling present and calm.

Think about your issue.

Ask, “Guides, are you here?” (They always are, and once you’ve become comfy with the method you’ll hear them reply.)

Then open up your heart in the most confiding way – as if you were talking to your best friend – and share what is going on with you. You can speak out loud or just within yourself, it doesn’t matter. Don’t worry about boring them, or annoying them, or asking too much of them. One of their great graces is that they are infinitely generous. They are here for this. They are happy for you to be as human and as foolish as you are; no need to hide anything.

Let a question come out of your sharing – boil it down into a clear question.

Ask the question.

Then: listen with your right ear.

I don’t know why it is so; this part I got from Human Design, which says to listen to the phone from your right ear, listen to anything important from the right ear. And I find that it works. I ask from my left side and hear from my right side.

And when you are listening, be really relaxed and disengaged. By disengaged I mean, you have no idea what is going to come in through that ear; so don’t second-guess, don’t try to predict, don’t tense up. Just let go and let be, and listen calmly and without demanding a certain response. The moment you are interfering energetically, they won’t speak, and you’ll only hear your own tension, your own stuff.

It’s a knack, to get out of the way.

The answers come, not out loud, it’s as if you are hearing words but not sound exactly. So it’s not like ‘hearing voices’, it’s like being informed quietly, the way thoughts are quiet, not like rock’n’roll on the radio.

The responses are often funnily ungrammatical; they are often very short; they cut right through nonsense to get to the point; and they are always loving, and always make me feel loved and seen. If you hear something mean or nasty, it is not the Guides.

It’s fine to share for as long as you want and to ask as many questions as you want. You will know the truth of the replies because your whole body and your heart will resonate with whatever arrives at you.

When you have conversed enough, say, “Thank you, Guides,” or whatever you want to call them. I do a little namaste.

And that’s it!

I often talk with them on walks – or in bed at night. (But if I’m too sleepy to really be present they will say, “Go to sleep, M.”) If I’m not really present when I ask the question, I soon become so because I can feel them arriving in my attention, and presence is necessary to hear them rightly.

I don’t worry about what they look like, or how many there are, or their names, or anything like that. I just share my heart and my worries and whatever, and then I listen, and am brought back to myself and to this moment; usually with some worry or other discarded. (Often they will say, “Wait…” when I’ve gotten ahead of myself into some scenario that doesn’t exist yet.) If I’ve gotten off on a tangent (very common for me!), I will be brought back to ‘just this’.

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Madhuri is a healer, artist, poet and author of several books, To Hills and Waterfalls: a Californian in Calderdale being her latest one.

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