(12 September 1963 – 6 May 2024)

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Our beloved friend Abadha left to the other shore early morning on 6th May after a short fight with cancer. We enjoyed endless beautiful talks with cakes and coffees. Hiking together was a pleasure too and not to forget sitting together in silence at the Osho International Meditation Resort. She took sannyas in Pune and visited the Resort ever so often. Fly high, beautiful butterfly 🦋

With love,

Abhipsa & Ekanta

Abadha was born Petra Menke in Düsseldorf, Germany. She studied Biology and worked as a journalists. She also explored other fields and worked as a secretary, insurance sales person, travel agent, and in a health food shop. She took sannyas in 1999 and received the name Ma Jivan Abadha, meaning ‘life without hindrances’.

She loved sports: hiking, skiing, cycling, running, scuba diving. She was also a passionate mantra singer.

Due to her biology studies and thanks to her many friendships she traveled the world far and wide: Australia, Hawaii, Malaysia, India, Venezuela. She leaves behind a brother, both her parents and countless friends.

Text and photos thanks to Ekanta

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