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Inauguration of Miasto’s warm water pool

Maharaj sent us a video of the new pool at Osho Miasto in Tuscany, Italy.

Happy Birthday Miasto!

This year we celebrate the 30th anniversary of Miasto, the much loved Osho commune and holistic venue in Tuscany, Italy. Article by Punya.

Miasto, My Love!

A tribute by Devapath to the Osho centre in Tuscany for it's 30th anniversary

Wild Wild Italy

Nirbija examines the Italian response to Netflix's Wild Wild Country as reported in the latest issue of magazine Re Nudo magazine.

My India

Majid reflects on his life as a sannyasin and former head of the Osho Miasto commune in Tuscany, and also on his role as Osho's Ambassador for Italy and as editor in chief of the [...]

‘Nothing is All’

Paul Prem Nadama reviews Madhuro's recently released album - some new, some old-time beloved songs: "Congratulations to all involved. Great stuff!"

Living in a supercharger

Niranjano’s stenographic notes and wonderful photos depicting 15 years of commune life in Germany.


(19.2.1981 - 2.4.2018)

Parmanand (aka Dino)

(28 June 1947 - 23 January 2018)

Celebrating Meera’s Legacy

After Meera's death there have been various events worldwide to celebrate and remember her life and work. We asked Svagito, who has been organising many of them, to let us know [...]

Leela (aka Waduda)

...left her body on 30th September 2017.

Ma Prem Sambodhi

...left her body on 13th August 2017.

Gayan from Italy

...left her body 14th March 2017.

From Pulsation to the Forest Years

Aneesha shares insights she has gained in her life, and particularly in recent years, as she is moving from an extrovert to a more introspective life in preparation for the [...]

Meera (updated)

...left her body on 21st February 2017.

Satyam (Attilio Piazza)

...left his body on 15th January 2017.

Osho Prana Healing (O.P.H.)

In an interview, Upadhi elaborates about the modality she has been teaching globally for more than 35 years.

Satisfying Cravings in Healthy, Fulfilling Ways

Excerpt from Tarika Lovegarden’s new book 'Meditations on the Fridge'.

Meditations on the Fridge

Courtney Aldor talks to Tarika Lovegarden about her new book, in SF Yoga Mag, May 2, 2016.


...left his body on 28th June 2016.

Listening to the Wood

Many creative artists live on Bali with its fertile energy - Bhagawati introduces two of them: Sunder and Abir who talk about their art installations which they create by tuning [...]

Poems in a Landscape

Manfredo's stoneart from Dreamwoods (Selva di Sogno) in our online Art Gallery.

Marga: a Woman of Many Passions

Suha writes about Italian Osho Times' editor-in-chief, yet she is not only that...

Protection: Centering and Acceptance

Upadhi answers the question if we need protection.

Heart Time

Bhagawati interviews Nirava en route from Bali to Corfu.

Tantric Pulsation: A Meeting of Osho and Reich

Aneesha incorporates Tantra in Pulsation

4-D Spheres

Samvado shows his 4-D scultpures in wood, glass, marble, bronze, and stainless steel.

Metal: Work of Imagination

Sculptor Samvado writes about working with metal.

Dynamic Meditation: Mistakes to Avoid

Pratibha's insights on how best to do this transforming meditation.

Wood and Stone

Samvado showcases his sculptures and vessels.

Songs for the Golden Age

Paul Terrell reviews Ravi's latest album.

‘We Are’ by Ravi

...from his latest album 'Songs for the Golden Age'.

Meditation in Hospital

Bali from Italian OTI interviews Sudha about her job.

Dhyan Grazia

...left her body on 11th May 2014.

Inner Male, Inner Female Experiments

Sagarpriya shares a method for coming in contact with our inner male and female sides.

Singing Is Your Birthright

Marga interviews Pratibha, the founder of Voicing

Italian Chandra

...left her body on 9th August 2013.

Oshoba & The Italian Osho Times

The tight-rope dance to bring Osho into the Italian consciousness...

Events in Europe

2019 February 2019 Satori with Ganga 21 – 28 February Inbar, Israel, Contact: – tel 00972-52-8586908 March 2019 Family Constellations with Ninad 7-10 [...]

In Love and Silence

Bhagawati's review of Madhuro's latest CD.


She left her body early this morning, 9th October 2012.


A Danish documentary was presented on June 6, 2012, called ‘Free the Mind’ – on the effects of meditation or as the so-called new fashion word, mindfulness.

Il Bel Canto – The Beautiful Corner

Prartho and Bharatam's place in Tuscany is open for visitors!

Conscious Living

Sagarpriya describes the Conscious Living course which she gives at the beginning of the season at the Osho Miasto Centre in Italy

Peggy: Graphic design, Watercolours and Murals

Artist and graphic designer Peggy, living in Sedona at present, is looking for new ventures...


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